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How U.S. Universities Progressed U.S. GDP to $28 Trillion

There are about 6,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. that enroll about 16 million undergraduate and 4 million graduate and PhDs scholars. These colleges and universities have played a role in progressing the U.S GDP to $28 trillion (2023). Over the years the universities have provided

DUT Clothes Making Factory

The DUT Clothes Making plan also called “The DUT Dress to Express Plan,” will showcase the Diaspora University Town (DUT) spirit. The dress to express plan will bring out the Diaspora University to the world as it becomes a part of Diaspora University marketing. As Diaspora University progresses to opening;

Become a Millionaire using the DUT Townhouse Developer System.

“How many millionaires are here in china?” a question was recently asked. The answer from a google search revealed 6.2 million. "How did 6.2 million persons become millionaires from a population of 1.4 billion?" The answer is that they activated their entrepreneurial spirit and became entrepreneurs, investors,

The DUT MSMEs Revenue & Profit Plan

A business is established to produce products and services that are sold to generate revenue for the business. The profit of a business is achieved after deducting the expenses from revenue and paying tax. The Diaspora University Town (DUT) Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) revenue and profit plan is

Growing DUT Wealth from Ksh 5 Billion to Ksh 25 Billion in 2024

"Let’s remit about $50 million (1%) of the projected $4 billion remittances to DUT and grow our wealth,” said Dr. Wilson Endege of Boston, MA, USA during Diaspora University Town (DUT) Saturday Zoom meeting. Diaspora Kenyans who have progressed and invested in the DUT project were happy to hear

Mughe Dam 8 Billion Litres Plan

Ronald Mwangombe and Lucy Malemba of Ndara B Community are proposing the expansion of the Mughe Dam to be a dam that can collect over 8 billion litres of water. The dam would occupy about 100 acres of land and have a volume area of 8 million cubic meters. Lucy

DUT Diaspora Kenyans Ksh 2 Trillion Industrialization Opportunity

Diaspora Kenyans, through the Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) plan, Ndara B Community 28 Industrial and Farming Companies Plan and the $500 Million remittance plan, are eyeing the Ksh 2 trillion opportunity in Kenya. The opportunity exists through the production of products that are currently imported to Kenya. Kenya
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