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WPI Plan for Diaspora University

“Is the WPI Plan transferable to other universities? If the intent is to simply install the major components at another university without going through the planning and visioning process, the answer is almost certainly, “no.”, wrote Prof. John Orr in the book authored through articles by Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

DUT Kshs 1 Billion Diaspora Remittances to Taita Taveta Monthly Goal

Diaspora University Town (DUT) team has set its goal as one of having Kshs 1 billion of the Diaspora remittances come to Diaspora University Town in Taita Taveta.

DUT Anti-Corruption 15 Member Team Created.

Diaspora Kenyans, Ndara B Community, and Kenyans getting jobs in the Diaspora University Town (DUT) have created the anti-corruption 15-member team.

Master Development plan(MDP)

Diaspora University Town is a project founded in 2006 by Professors of WPI University, Prof, (Rtd) Arthur Gerstenfeld and the late Prof. Raphael. Their idea was to start a University in Africa based on WPI Plan.

DUT, "The Game Changer."

A development plan started in Singapore in 1960 with a goal to build houses to meet the growing population housing need and eliminate the deteriorating shanties that would have become slums became a game-changer of Singapore economy that is today a $340 billion economy.

Diaspora Kenyans & Ndara B Community Constitutional Rights Statement .

At the Diaspora University Town sign, Ndara B Community thanked GOD for the Diaspora University Town Jobs Creation project. The community also thanked the Diaspora Kenyans who has worked and invested to start this Jobs Creation Project?


In 2010 we enacted our Kenya Constitution and granted ourselves Sovereign Power and wrote our Bill of Rights in Chapter 4.
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