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Water Closes Voi Roads. Hundreds Stranded

Voi residents were today morning stranded unable to leave Voi town or access Voi town from the Mombasa – Nairobi Highway. When traveling from Nairobi to Mombasa, one accesses Voi town by taking a left after the petrol stations at the highway. 100 meters after taking the left, water was crossing

Ndara B Community & Diaspora Kenyans 10 Constitution Laws & Statements On DUT Development.

Ndara B Community and Diaspora Kenyans who are founding and developing Diaspora University Town project in Taita Taveta are doing so in accordance with the Kenya Constitution. The community and Diaspora Kenyans are following the Constitution as well as implementing it.


As Diaspora Kenyans, Ndara B Community and Partners progress the development of Diaspora University Town they are also working on the SGR Train and DUT Connections. The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) was recently opened in June 2017.The railway has the Voi Station that is about 8 miles away from
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