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How Developed World Create Jobs

Kenya continues to have low jobs creation rates. This low rate of jobs creation leads to Kenyans looking for jobs in other countries that have created more jobs than the demanded jobs by the population entering the jobs market. The

Diaspora RN Bui Thuo Leads 10,000 Nurses Jobs Creation in Kenya

During the Diaspora University Town project Saturday meetings, U.S. Registered Nurse (RN) Bui Thuo of Los Angeles, CA will be heard quoting the Kenya Constitution 2010. She will eloquently

Diaspora Scientists Opening Medicine & Vaccine Plant in Kenya

Dr. Wilson Endege of Boston, MA and Dr. Benson Edagwa of Omaha, NE have two technologies for medicine and vaccine production. Using their technologies, Bacman technology and LaserArt technology, the

Ndara B Committee Welcomes Dr. Endege to Taita Taveta.

Ndara B Community Land Management Committee welcomed Dr. Wilson Endege to Taita Taveta during his visit to the County. Dr. Endege was in Taita Taveta to advance the establishment of a Medicine and Vaccine Plant. He was happy to meet the Ndara B Community land management committee.

Dr. Endege Meets DUT Team in Voi.

Dr. Wilson Endege met the Diaspora University Town team in Voi where he got updates of the ongoing Diaspora University Town project. Dr. Endege coming from Boston in the U.S. is visiting Voi to advance the Daktari Biotechnology Medicine and Vaccine Plant...

The Best Investment into Kenya

The 20,000 jobs creation Diaspora University Town (DUT) project is the best investment in Kenya. DUT investment in job creation incorporates investment in the plans, systems and property that

Diaspora Kenyans to Bring 50 Manufacturing Companies at DUT

In the 1960s Diaspora Koreans took manufacturing companies to South Korea. Today South Korea's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is $1.6 trillion. In the 1980s the Diaspora Chinese took manufacturing

Kshs 30 Trillion Housing Development Opportunity in Kenya

Kenya Constitution in article 43 reads, “Every person has the right to accessible and adequate housing, and to reasonable standards of sanitation; to clean and safe water in adequate quantities.

500 SMEs at Diaspora University Town

Diaspora University Town will have about 500 small medium enterprises (SMEs) open as the town grows to reach 10,000 persons. The SMEs categorized into three as follows: SMEs that
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