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DUT Stream Water & Sand

Following the heavy rains overnight the Diaspora University Town seasonal stream that cuts through DUT has millions of litres of water flowing. The stream collects water from the Voi - Taveta road and hills along the road and takes it

Dr. Chris Okumu Visits DUT Site

Dr. Chris Okumu of Reading, UK paid a visit to the Diaspora University Town (DUT). Dr. Okumu is part of the healthcare professionals advancing the development of the Diaspora University

Dr. Shompole, RN Bui & J. Miano Advance DUT Healthcare at Kiserian, Kajiando

Dr. Patrick Shompole of Pullman, WA; RN Bui Thuo of Los Angeles, CA; and, Joseph Miano formerly of Baltimore, MD held a Diaspora University Town (DUT) meeting at Kiserian, Kajiando

Diaspora RN Bui Thuo Leads 10,000 Nurses Jobs Creation in Kenya

During the Diaspora University Town project Saturday meetings, U.S. Registered Nurse (RN) Bui Thuo of Los Angeles, CA will be heard quoting the Kenya Constitution 2010. She will eloquently

Diaspora Scientists Opening Medicine & Vaccine Plant in Kenya

Dr. Wilson Endege of Boston, MA and Dr. Benson Edagwa of Omaha, NE have two technologies for medicine and vaccine production. Using their technologies, Bacman technology and LaserArt technology, the

Developing a DUT Townhouse with $75 a Month

The Kenya shilling is today exchanging at over Ksh 150 to one dollar. Based on this exchange, a Diaspora Kenyan can start developing a Diaspora University Town (DUT) Townhouse with

$500 Million addition into DUT to grow to $1 Billion.

The world Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is calculated as $96 trillion. This GDP at any given day anchors over $1 trillion (about Kshs 100 trillion) of finance/money that is

3,200 Apartments Development at DUT

Diaspora University Town (DUT) has a 3,200 apartment’s development plan. The plan will produce 3,200 apartments of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. The apartments will be 4

Diaspora Kenyans Take Opportunities at Diaspora University Town

Diaspora University Town (DUT) is a project that was started by Diaspora Kenyans with a goal to advance Kenya economic growth (GDP) through jobs creation. The project is progressing the
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