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Diaspora Kenyans Dream of Diaspora University Town (DUT)

“Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not," Robert Kennedy, brother of John F Kennedy the 35th President of the U.S, is quoted saying as he rallied

Mbithi of California, USA Testimony on Why Diaspora Kenyans should join Daktari & DUT.

Sincerity and honesty are virtues. My name is Mbithi Muthini of San Francisco, CA. I finally joined the DUT effort with a selfish thought that it provided a good opportunity

Diaspora Kenyans to Build & Equip Medicine & Vaccine Plant

Dr. Wilson Endege of Boston, MA is leading the founding of Daktari Biotechnology Ltd. The scientist who worked at Harvard University and the pharmaceutical industry in Cambridge, MA during the

200 Diaspora Kenyans Founders of Diaspora Hospital

One reason that makes Diaspora Kenyans afraid to relocate back to Kenya is the Medical Hospital system. Many Diaspora who have lived and worked in countries with developed medical hospital

Invest Ksh 4,449 ($29) a month & be a Medicine & Vaccine Company Shareholder

Dr. Wilson Endege is inviting Diaspora Kenyans and Kenyans to be shareholders of the Daktari Biotechnology Ltd. Company. Through a plan arranged in collaboration with Diaspora University Trust and DUT

Nancy of Seattle, WA Reviews the DUT 3,500 Townhouses Ksh 24.5 Billion Development Plan

The Diaspora University Town (DUT) 3,500 Townhouses Development Plan is the biggest capital development plan of the DUT project. The plan is for 3,500 townhouses built at a

Grace of CA says DUT Progressing Well as She Works to Open Laundromats at DUT.

Grace Njuguna of Anaheim, CA is currently working on a plan to open Laundromats at Diaspora University Town (DUT). She is planning to open at least two laundry businesses at

Destiny is Not a Matter of Chance.

At the age of 36 years, in 1896, William Jennings Bryan would be nominated for the U.S presidency by the Democratic Party. Whereas, he did not win the election,

Edward Wambui of Charlotte, NC to set up Metal MSME at DUT.

Edward Wambui of Charlotte, NC paid a visit to Diaspora University Town (DUT). He was so excited and said, “I’ve all the machines ready for opening a metal products
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