The DUT Clothes Making plan also called “The DUT Dress to Express Plan,” will showcase the Diaspora University Town (DUT) spirit. The dress to express plan will bring out the Diaspora University to the world as it becomes a part of Diaspora University marketing. As Diaspora University progresses to opening; the DUT clothing production plan is also progressing to become an MSME and start production.

Eva Iringo (Right) shows where the clothes making MSME wil be set up. 

Headed by Evaline Iringo, as plan developer, the clothes making plan is allocated two acres of land at DUT. The design build plan of two buildings for production of the clothing are being worked on by the DUT Design Build team. About 100 tailoring machines will be installed to produce at least 12 units of clothes in a 16 hour day, a total of 1,200 units. The yearly production is about 300,000 units.

The 300,000 clothing units will primarily be sold to Diaspora University Town retail outlets, schools, Diaspora University, Town departments and the 300 MSMEs that progressively set up at DUT and other parts of Kenya.

Facility Sample

The plans that will enable the 300,000 units production and sale through the DUT system include: clothing wear for the 15,000 jobs though the 300 MSMEs; Clothes for the 25,000 residents that cater to the unique needs of males, females, young adults, and children, Clothes for the Diaspora University students; Diaspora Hospital patient gowns and hospital scrubs; Primary and High Schools uniforms; sportswear; and, other wear.

The DUT clothes making plan is not just a plan for producing clothes; the plan will also be part of the health system. The clothes produced will provide protection from rain, cold, wind, heat, smell and other conditions. The clothing design and productions will also incorporate safety and ensure the clothing does not contribute to injury.

The progressing plan started as a safety plan during the Corona outbreak. Through a design and production system, tailors from Ndara B Community brought their machines to a central location and successfully produced 7,000 face masks.

Tailors who produced the masks and Ndara B Chairman.

Diaspora Kenyans are expected to play a role in the MSME setup. The Diaspora will be invited to purchase the 100 electrical machines to be installed as they become shareholders of the Company.

On the jobs creation, the MSME will create about 300 jobs through two eight hours shifts of production a day. The company's manufacturing sections will include specialized teams responsible for various stages of production. 200 jobs will be for 100 machines work filled through two shifts of 100 workers. The other 100 will be the Human Resources, Line Leaders/Supervisors, Maintenance, Administrative Staff, Designers, Sample Makers, Sourcing and Procurement, Sales and Marketing, Logistics and Shipping, Customer Service, Finance and Accounting, IT Support, and Store Manager.

With this comprehensive structure, the DUT Clothing Company is poised to become a major employer in the region, providing a wide range of opportunities across various departments."

To join the founding of Company, WhatsApp Evaline Iringo +254 701 675 386