A business is established to produce products and services that are sold to generate revenue for the business. The profit of a business is achieved after deducting the expenses from revenue and paying tax. The Diaspora University Town (DUT) Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) revenue and profit plan is a plan for entrepreneurs starting MSMEs at DUT to generate revenue and profit. In 10 years, the over 100 DUT MSMEs that will be started can target to achieve revenue of over Ksh 300 billion and make profits of over Ksh 100 billion. The DUT GDP growth systems, DUT Jobs Creation and Diaspora University education plan will advance the revenue and profit plan.


DUT GDP Growth Systems

The world GDP is today at $100 trillion with the U.S at $25 trillion and China at $18 trillion. MSMEs have played a role in growing these GDP’s through GDP systems that generate revenues and profits for MSMEs.

DUT development plan applies GDP growth systems. The system will progresses the establishment of DUT MSMEs by entrepreneurs, grow GDP and when doing so grow the MSMEs revenues and profits.


DUT Jobs Creation

The DUT jobs creation plan is for making persons productive and putting money in workers pockets so they can consume. In the DUT 20,000 jobs creation plan, about Ksh 40 billion will flow into pockets of the 20,000 persons working and producing products and services at the DUT MSMEs. The persons producing will be the first consumers of the products and services and part of the amount becoming revenue and profit.

DUT jobs creation will progress jobs creation in Kenya, East Africa and Africa and grow the DUT MSMEs revenue and profits.


Diaspora University Education Plan

The Diaspora University education plan will support the MSMEs with human resource and systems. The MSMEs will be able to produce high quality products and compete in the global market. Kenya imports over Ksh 1.5 trillion worth of products. The DUT MSMEs will produce for this existing market and grow their revenue and profit.