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Diaspora Kenyans Join Dr. Endege in Medicines & Vaccines Production

Diaspora Kenyans continue to join Dr. Endege in the effort to open a medicine and vaccines plant at Diaspora University Town in Kenya. In 2020 after COVID outbreak, Diaspora Kenyans would come up with a plan based on a newly built and equipped facility in Athi River by a company

Mbithi of California, USA Testimony on Why Diaspora Kenyans should join Daktari & DUT.

Sincerity and honesty are virtues. My name is Mbithi Muthini of San Francisco, CA. I finally joined the DUT effort with a selfish thought that it provided a good opportunity for my dream of retiring in Kenya in a planned community with amenities similar to what I experience in the

Diaspora Kenyans to Build & Equip Medicine & Vaccine Plant

Dr. Wilson Endege of Boston, MA is leading the founding of Daktari Biotechnology Ltd. The scientist who worked at Harvard University and the pharmaceutical industry in Cambridge, MA during the Saturday 24th February 2024 Diaspora University Town (DUT) zoom meeting updated on the progress of the company medicines and vaccines

200 Diaspora Kenyans Founders of Diaspora Hospital

One reason that makes Diaspora Kenyans afraid to relocate back to Kenya is the Medical Hospital system. Many Diaspora who have lived and worked in countries with developed medical hospital systems are afraid of relocating back to Kenya and living without the hospital system. In most developed countries, one can

Invest Ksh 4,449 ($29) a month & be a Medicine & Vaccine Company Shareholder

Dr. Wilson Endege is inviting Diaspora Kenyans and Kenyans to be shareholders of the Daktari Biotechnology Ltd. Company. Through a plan arranged in collaboration with Diaspora University Trust and DUT Credit Ltd he says a Diaspora Kenyan can invest about $29, €26, £23, 4,449 a month become a shareholder

Diaspora Kenyans Medicines & Vaccines Production Plant in Kenya

Diaspora Kenyan Scientists, Dr. Wilson Endege of Boston, MA; Dr. Benson Edagwa of Omaha, NE; Dr. Patrick Shompole of Pullman, WA; and Dr. Bernard Ayanga of Houston, TX are leading Diaspora Kenyans in achieving the Daktari Biotechnology Ltd. Medicines and Vaccines production plant in Kenya. The plant is designed by

The Diaspora Hospital in Kenya

Over 50% of the Diaspora Kenyans work or have worked in hospitals and medical facilities in the developed world. These Diaspora Kenyans are part of the highest quality healthcare offered in diverse hospitals in the World. Some have worked in the hospitals ranked as the best hospitals that include: Mayo
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