There are about 6,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. that enroll about 16 million undergraduate and 4 million graduate and PhDs scholars. These colleges and universities have played a role in progressing the U.S GDP to $28 trillion (2023). Over the years the universities have provided millions of Americans with the opportunity to empower themselves with education. With their education they have developed and sustained their economy.

Diaspora University started by Diaspora Kenyans and WPI professors was based on creating a university that would play a role empowering Kenyans with the knowledge of advancing the GDP of Kenya. The Diaspora University is established to apply the WPI plan. Prof. Michael Ginzberg PhD, a former dean of WPI School of Business and former director of WPI Wall Street project center is advancing the setup of the WPI plan in Diaspora University.

The professor who studied for his bachelors and PhD at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) that is considered as the best university will draw from this to guide the University. From his start of his career in 1974 at MIT in Cambridge, MA he has taught and contributed his services in over 10 universities as the U.S GDP has grown from the $1.54 trillion to the current $28 trillion.

Kenya has abundant resources of land, water, sunshine, and population. The Kenyans when applying their resources have reached a GDP of $100 billion. The State of California that has fewer resources than Kenya has developed their economy to a GDP of about $3.6 trillion in the U.S $28 trillion. The difference between the $100 billion and $4 trillion shows the role of the U.S universities have played and the opportunity for universities in Kenya.

Of the 50 states, California has the highest number of universities and colleges at about 400 institutions. These institutions of higher learning are enrolling close to 3 million students.

Diaspora University who’s founding is progressed by WPI professors, Diaspora Scholars, Diaspora Kenyans and partners is progressing to develop a university that will progress GDP growth through jobs creations, property development and opening of MSMEs (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises.)