Diaspora University Town (DUT) entrepreneurial spirit started over 10 years ago. Today the spirit is captured through the capital created of about Ksh 5 billion. The entrepreneurs advancing DUT and those who shall join them will create new wealth valued at Ksh 150 billion as they invest and apply time and resources in production. The new wealth composed of: 3,500 townhouses, 3,200 apartments, Daktari Biotechnology Ltd a Medicine and Vaccine company share capital; DUT Credit Ltd financial institution share capital and over 300 Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) capital.

Entrepreneurial spirit is defined as, “A way of thinking that pursues change instead of waiting for change to happen.” People are required to find ways to advance and sustain themselves as they grow their population. Persons who tap into their entrepreneurial spirit are called entrepreneurs. Those who tap into their entrepreneurial spirit embrace fear, aspire to grow, and constantly try new things through entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship involves taking the risk of starting and investing in an idea. Those taking the risk are called entrepreneurs. Through entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurs apply capital that includes earned money, time and their natural resources to produce goods and services. The goods and services that they produce or organize to produce sustain them and make a return for them when sold to sustain others.

Ronald Mwangobe acesses building materials in Ndara B land.

The entrepreneurial spirit has played the biggest role in the advancement of the world goods and services systems that are recorded through the calculation of gross domestic product (GDP.) The world GDP is a $100 trillion GDP.

3,200 persons are called billionaires for they have wealth of $1 billion dollars and above.  About 65 million of the world population of 8 billion people are called millionaires for they have wealth of $1 million dollars and above. The majority of billionaires and millionaires tapped into their entrepreneurial spirit to create their wealth.


DUT system is for creating wealth. It not only enables one to tap into the spirit but also will help persons grow their wealth as world GDP grows to over $120 trillion in next 20 years.

One of the systems that advanced the entrepreneurial spirit was the McDonald system started in 1954. Today, 70 years later, the system has over 40,000 restaurants in 120 countries. Persons who are part of this system tapped their entrepreneur spirit and most are recorded in the world millionaires list.

DUT system adopts the key features of the McDonald System of bringing entrepreneurs together to produce and supply products. The system reduces the risk of entrepreneurship through collective risk taking.

The DUT entrepreneurs will achieve the development of a well-planned town and own 3,500 townhouses, 3,200 apartments, and over 500 MSMEs in Kenya.