During a Diaspora University Town (DUT) meeting at the end of February WPI School Dean Emeritus Prof. Michael Ginzberg challenged the Diaspora Kenyans and informed them that during the founding of WPI in 1865 more than 225 Worcester citizens and workers at 20 of the city’s factories and machine shops joined in funding and founding WPI. He said, “We need a similar effort now to get to 2,000, Property and MSME Developers, to found Diaspora University!”


Diaspora Kenyans who have already joined and are advancing DUT during a Saturday zoom meeting agreed they can give a favorable report of the 2,000 Diaspora Kenyans.

Rosemary of Atlanta, GA who attended the Dean meeting on 28th February and joined in March 2024 rallied the Diaspora Kenyans saying, “We can get to 2000 if you speak to your friends. I’m here because a friend called me from Seattle, WA. I’ll work on getting 100 to join DUT.”

As founders of Diaspora University the 2,000 Diaspora Kenyans will invest a minimum of $100 every month through the DUT Townhouse developer plan and/or the Daktari Biotechnology medicine and vaccine plant 10,000 investments of Ksh 200,000 plan.


Through the Townhouse Developer plan one would develop a townhouse and put in Ksh 11.122 (about $85) every month. One can also take as many investments of medicine and vaccine and through a 60 month loan from DUT Credit Ltd put in Ksh 4,449 (about $35) every month for each investment.

The Diaspora Kenyans in the meeting agreed that getting to 2,000 Diaspora Kenyans who can put in at least $100 a month is possible because they already have jobs and the money.

Dr. Shompole Pullman,WA at DUT site (2020).

Dr. Patrick Shompole who joined DUT in 2020 asked the other Diaspora Kenyans in DUT to send the DUT in all media outlets Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linkedin and others. The goal is to get so many messages of DUT to reach about 200,000 Diaspora Kenyans in the next few days and from this get more Diaspora Kenyans to join.

Prof. Ginzberg when asking that 2000 Diaspora Kenyans get on board said “Diaspora Kenyans can start a university using Diaspora Remittances that come from innovation in the U.S. and in doing so promote innovation, job creation, and economic growth in Kenya. If 2,000 Diaspora Kenyans had made the decision in 2015 to be part of the Diaspora University  founding, some of the $25 billion remittances would already have built the buildings needed and started the university.”

Cathy Jackie of Baltimore, MD at Las Vegas Rugby 7s (2016)

Cathy Jackie Mutahi of Baltimore, MD who joined in 2013 and other Diaspora Kenyans in the zoom meeting concurred that if the U.S and other countries abroad had not innovated, invested and created jobs the Diaspora Kenyans would not have jobs in the U.S.  They would not have the money they remit. The Diaspora Kenyans said it is time Kenyans stop being afraid and having negativity in investing in innovations that can create jobs and make returns for them. Cathy who travelled to Las Vegas with a bull horn to rally Kenyans said, “I understood the vision. It became my vision.”

Talking about Diaspora Kenyans who ask questions based on doubt, Bishop Donald Mwawasi of Atlanta, GA who joined DUT in 2012 when he started looking for land in Taita Taveta County said that the Diaspora Kenyans joining today ae joining an ongoing project with land registered to Diaspora University Trust. There is nothing to be doubtful off.

The question that a Diaspora Kenyan considering to join DUT and being in the Report of 2000 list is as follows: “Can I put in $100 every month of the money I get because others innovated and created jobs?” If the answer is, “Yes,” the Diaspora Kenyan should join by filling the form in the DUT website. The 2000 Diaspora Kenyans shall be recorded as the founders of Diaspora University their names written in the walls and website of the university.

Dr. Wilson Endege of Boston,MA (Rightt) and David Ogoli of Riverside, CA (Center) measure Daktari Biotechnology Plant building location at DUT. .

Dr. Wilson Endege, the Diaspora University Trust Chairman, in 2006 was in the WPI U.S-Africa education meeting that explored the university idea in May, 2006 and he later attended the first WPI meeting held on a Saturday, October 2006 that kicked off what is today progressing to become the Diaspora University. He said, “Remember Diaspora University is a project founded by Diaspora. Let’s get more Diaspora on board.”

Dr. Endege migrated from Kenya in the 90s and joined Harvard University and has worked over the years in the medicine and vaccine pharmaceutical sector in Harvard University and Boston, MA region. He is the founder of Daktari Biotechnology Ltd that Diaspora Kenyans are invited to invest in and build a medicine and vaccine plant. The company will be affiliated to Diaspora University.