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How U.S. Universities Progressed U.S. GDP to $28 Trillion

There are about 6,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. that enroll about 16 million undergraduate and 4 million graduate and PhDs scholars. These colleges and universities have played a role in progressing the U.S GDP to $28 trillion (2023). Over the years the universities have provided

Diaspora Kenyans challenged by $1.5 Billion Bond

Diaspora Kenyans are currently challenged by the $1.5 billion Sovereign Eurobond that American investors offered $5 billion as they looked to invest into Kenya and make a return. The 7 year bond issued at 10.375% interest will have a maturity value of about $2.993 billion. The investor’

DUT Clothes Making Factory

The DUT Clothes Making plan also called “The DUT Dress to Express Plan,” will showcase the Diaspora University Town (DUT) spirit. The dress to express plan will bring out the Diaspora University to the world as it becomes a part of Diaspora University marketing. As Diaspora University progresses to opening;

How DUT Credit Ltd Shares Will Grow in Value

Share Capital of any business is the capital put in to set up the business system that produces goods and services for sale. Goods and services produced in a country sustain human beings and the environment. The production is recorded as Gross Domestic Product (GDP). DUT Credit Ltd is formed

Dr. Jack Waweru a Diaspora University Founder & DUT MSME Founder Visit to DUT

Dr. Jackson Njau Waweru of Kahawa Sukari, Nairobi, Kenya is one of the founders of the Diaspora University and Diaspora University Town (DUT). The scholar who holds a Doctorate in Business Management Finance and a CPA (K), visited DUT as he progressed his DUT founding role. He is working on

200 Diaspora Kenyans Founders of Diaspora Hospital

One reason that makes Diaspora Kenyans afraid to relocate back to Kenya is the Medical Hospital system. Many Diaspora who have lived and worked in countries with developed medical hospital systems are afraid of relocating back to Kenya and living without the hospital system. In most developed countries, one can

1,500 Jobs at DUT for Diaspora Kenyans

Diaspora University Town (DUT) is a jobs creation, housing development and gross domestic product (GDP) growth project. The DUT Master Development Plan (MDP) is conceptualized based on the systems that have created jobs, developed houses and grown GDP to $28 trillion in the U.S. The DUT-MDP will create 15,
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