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Taita Taveta County & Diaspora Partnerships Meeting for Jobs Creation

Governor Andrew Mwadime of Taita Taita County led a jobs creation meeting that talked on Taita Taveta County and Diaspora partnerships. Dr. Patrick Shompole of Pullman, WA and Dan Kamau formerly of Worcester, MA represented the Diaspora Kenyans. In attendance were Taita Taveta leaders and professionals from regulatory bodies; Ndara

Taita Taveta County & Diaspora Partnerships

Taita Taveta County Governor Andrew Mwadime held a meeting with Dr. Wilson Endege the founder of Daktari Biotechnology Ltd who is also the Chairman of Diaspora University Trust, Dan Kamau Diaspora University Town (DUT) Executive Trustee and Project Director, Eng. Hezekiah Mwalwala of Vacani Resort, and Joshua Mwadeghu of Ndara

Dr. Chris Okumu Visits DUT Site

Dr. Chris Okumu of Reading, UK paid a visit to the Diaspora University Town (DUT). Dr. Okumu is part of the healthcare professionals advancing the development of the Diaspora University Medical Hospital and the Diaspora University health sciences school. Speaking at the site he asked Diaspora to be part of

1000 Diaspora Kenyans to Build 1000 Townhouses at Kshs 7 Billion Budget at DUT

Diaspora University Town (DUT) 2023 Plan was presented by Dan Kamau, from the DUT offices in Voi, Kenya. Dan is formerly of Worcester, MA. As he welcomed the year 2023 he said, “2023 is a production year. 1000 Diaspora Kenyans will in 2023 start the 1000 developers, 1000 townhouses, Kshs

How Diaspora University Town (DUT) System Will Eradicate Slums

To eradicate slums in Kenya, millions of housing units will need to be built to meet both the deficit and the population growth demand. Diaspora University Town (DUT) that traces its origin from the desire by Diaspora Kenyans to eradicate slums, is progressing to play a role in eradicating slums.

Kshs 7 Billion For 1000 DUT Townhouses By 1000 Diaspora Kenyans.

“I’ve talked to a Kenya Bank on Kshs 7 billion for 1,000 DUT townhouses by 1,000 Diaspora Kenyans,” said Dan Kamau, the Diaspora University Trust Executive Trustee and Diaspora University Town (DUT) Project Director during the last meeting of 2022 held on 17th Dec 2022. He added,

Hundreds Run The Inaugural Sagalla Hills Marathon (SHM) 2022

By Lucas Shule From an idea to a plan, the Sagalla Hills Marathon became a running event on Jamhuri Day, 12th December, 2022. To those running and cheering, it was a day of bringing a new dawn. With anxiety and enthusiasm, the planners, runners, spectators, community and children woke up
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