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Diaspora Kenyans $500 Million DUT – Bank Partnership Plan

From 2004 to 2022 Diaspora Kenyans remitted $29 billion (about Ksh 3 trillion). During the same period the Kenya deposits grew from Ksh 378 billion (2004) to Ksh 4.7 trillion (2022). The loan advances given by the banks from the deposits grew from Ksh 252 billion (2004) to Ksh

DUT Will Grow a Bank Deposits by Ksh 50 Billion & Loan Advances by Ksh 45 Billion

Dan Kamau lived in Worcester, MA. During his stay in the U.S he would become one of the founders of the Kenya University Project that is today the Diaspora University Town (DUT). At the project land, he has opened offices and is implementing the multi-billion project in Taita Taveta

Cathy Jackie 50 Diaspora Agents Plan, Tourism Plan & $500 Million Plan

Cathy Jackie of Baltimore, MD during the DUT opportunities meeting asked those already inside DUT to seize the opportunities as well as market the project so more Diaspora can be involved. Cathy who was introduced to the project when he read a story in DUT at Jamhuri Magazine said she

Diaspora Kenyans Take Opportunities at Diaspora University Town

Diaspora University Town (DUT) is a project that was started by Diaspora Kenyans with a goal to advance Kenya economic growth (GDP) through jobs creation. The project is progressing the finance plan that will kick off the project property development. Diaspora Kenyans who have so far invested resources of time

Taita Taveta County & Diaspora Partnerships Meeting for Jobs Creation

Governor Andrew Mwadime of Taita Taita County led a jobs creation meeting that talked on Taita Taveta County and Diaspora partnerships. Dr. Patrick Shompole of Pullman, WA and Dan Kamau formerly of Worcester, MA represented the Diaspora Kenyans. In attendance were Taita Taveta leaders and professionals from regulatory bodies; Ndara

Taita Taveta County & Diaspora Partnerships

Taita Taveta County Governor Andrew Mwadime held a meeting with Dr. Wilson Endege the founder of Daktari Biotechnology Ltd who is also the Chairman of Diaspora University Trust, Dan Kamau Diaspora University Town (DUT) Executive Trustee and Project Director, Eng. Hezekiah Mwalwala of Vacani Resort, and Joshua Mwadeghu of Ndara

Dr. Chris Okumu Visits DUT Site

Dr. Chris Okumu of Reading, UK paid a visit to the Diaspora University Town (DUT). Dr. Okumu is part of the healthcare professionals advancing the development of the Diaspora University Medical Hospital and the Diaspora University health sciences school. Speaking at the site he asked Diaspora to be part of
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