Diaspora Kenyans like the Diaspora University Town (DUT) Townhouse Developer (THD) system that is established by a Townhouse Investment and Development Agreement (THIDA). The system is currently developing 3,500 townhouses at the Diaspora University Town at a budget of Ksh 24.5 billion. The THD system enables one to become a Townhouse Developer of 1 to 4 townhouses. As of March 2024, 484 Townhouse Developer's files are open and allocated 1,215 townhouses development. The goal is to have the remaining 2,285 allocated as the system proceeds to the townhouse's design-build stage. The Diaspora Kenyans like the plan of becoming townhouse developers when putting in $100 a month.


The townhouse developer capital of Ksh 500,000 per house incorporates: a 50ft x 100ft plot; the townhouse design of 5 bedroom and 4 bathrooms that is designed to be used as a single house or double house; the plot Survey; the NEMA – Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA); the NEMA – Environment Social & Impact Assessment (ESIA), the 1,500 acres Physical Plan; and other development costs.


The townhouse's design-build stage incorporates the execution of 195 contracts/production plans in 182 weeks (3½ years). 175 contracts/production plans of 20 houses will produce 3,500 townhouses. 20 contracts/production plans of 3 km will produce 60 km roads and infrastructure networks. The total budget is estimated at Ksh 22.5 billion. This development budget incorporates all costs until the 3,500 houses/properties are issued mortgages and registered to the owners.

Design-Build Production System of Townhouses.

One design-build plan that was completed last year is the Ndara B Community building materials plan. The plan that incorporates the establishment of 14 companies will supply over 50 building materials for roads and building construction. The 14 companies will supply about Ksh 8 billion of the Ksh 22.5 billion budget.

Ndara B 14 Industrial Companies (in purple)

The finance plan will have the Trust borrow a construction finance of Ksh 1.2 billion for the building of the townhouses. The Ksh 1.2 billion will be repaid back as all units are completed and financed by mortgage.

The Trust will also arrange for the mortgage finance as the long term finance of the completed house to be issued to the developer/owner at completion of the townhouse. The 3,500 townhouses will be issued a mortgage finance of about Ksh 6.5 million a house.

The Ksh 22.5 billion development cost of the 3,500 houses will be turned to mortgages and financed by the Kenya growing deposits and loan advances that Diaspora remittances contribute toward the growth.

CBK data

The usage plan is set at a budget of Ksh 65,000. This will be applied to pay the mortgage over the years. The users are: Those taking up the 15,000 Jobs and becoming town residents; the 25,000 residents; the 5,000 Students; and other owners. Every year a budget of about Ksh 3 billion of the new Ksh 15 billion GDP established will be applied to pay the mortgages.


The Townhouse Developers Plan goals are:

  1. Supply the Diaspora University Plan with residential property for faculty, staff and students.
  2. Develop a Town with a sustainable environment and achieve the clean and health environment constitutional right in Kenya Constitution 42.
  3. Enable Diaspora Kenyans participate in Kenya property development and grow their income and wealth.
  4. Produce 3,500 Townhouses to achieve the Kenya constitution right to housing and clean water for about 20,000 Kenyans.