Dr. Jackson Njau Waweru of Kahawa Sukari, Nairobi, Kenya is one of the founders of the Diaspora University and Diaspora University Town (DUT). The scholar who holds a Doctorate in Business Management Finance and a CPA (K), visited DUT as he progressed his DUT founding role. He is working on the Business School plan that will open one of the Diaspora University three schools. The other schools are: School of Engineering and School of Arts, Science and Technology.

Dr. Waweru (left in Red), Visitors and DUT walk on top of Sand Deposits in DUT Stream. 

Accompanying him during the visit were Simon Maina, an electrical installation expert & businessman and Architect Kahara Maimba. His visit also incorporated working on his MSME plan to open a sports wear shop and wellness business. His plan is to build a four story building on a one acre land that has a sportswear shop, a gym, a physical training and wellness center, an audit firm and office space. About 50 persons will work in the building at any given day.

Speaking on his MSME plan, Dr. Waweru said, “As the DUT plan builds more towns in Kenya and Africa, the business will expand alongside the developments.” He was happy to speak to Eva Iringo who is spearheading a clothing production MSME. They agreed that the clothing MSME will design, produce and supply his business with the sportswear the shop will sell.

Dr. Waweru, visitors and DUT at the point the University Land crosses the Stream.

Dr. Waweru is founding Diaspora University through: becoming an investor and developer of four townhouses at DUT; submitting three courses that are already included in the 110 courses that shall Open Diaspora University; and, investing in DUT Credit Ltd and MSME. Speaking to those already working at the DUT site he said, “I’ll join you as I come to open the university and welcome the first class.” Dr. Waweru is already in the list of about 100 faculty and staff who shall open the Diaspora University. 50 are expected to come from Diaspora.

An auditor by profession, Dr. Waweru embraced the concept in 2014 when it was introduced by Stephen Waithaka of Anaheim, CA. His first visit to the DUT site was in December 2017 when Dan Kamau relocated from the U.S to Kenya to open the development. His last visit was in 2023. He congratulated Dan for the tremendous continued progress.

He sent a Makiga Machine in 2022 to the DUT site to help in establishing the Building materials system. The machine has so far produced 20,000 interlocking blocks and trained persons who shall be opening the Ndara B 14 industrial plans. To this end, he proposed to send 350 metal trappers used on storied buildings to facilitate Ndara B community fast track their industrial plans.

Dr. Waweru (Center) at the Interlocking Block Machine he sent for producing interlocking bricks.

The holder of a PhD in Business Management where he majored in finance is today one of the top investors in DUT Credit Ltd., a financial company started by the founders. His goal is to take up over 10,000 shares.

The professional auditor and founder of Diaspora University sent a message to Diaspora Kenyans, “Thank you for starting DUT to advance education and create jobs. It is now time to remit your money to progress the opening of Diaspora University.”

The business management expert further said that the future of wealth creation and the next generation opportunities will be through projects like DUT. He said he was happy to be investing in job creation through the development of a university and a town.

Concluding his visit, Dr.  Waweru pointed out that Kenya is endowed with immense natural resources and great potential, which the DUT idea is unlocking, catapulting Kenya to prosperity in our lifetime.

Dr. Waweru at the DUT Tree Nursery that will produce over 200,000 trees to be planted at DUT.
Dan Kamau (Left) and Dr Waweru (Right) at the Voi River 
Dr. Waweru visits one of the 69 parks that will have trees and grass.