Share Capital of any business is the capital put in to set up the business system that produces goods and services for sale. Goods and services produced in a country sustain human beings and the environment. The production is recorded as Gross Domestic Product (GDP). DUT Credit Ltd is formed to produce financial products and services for Diaspora University Town (DUT). The company is part of the DUT GDP system of jobs creation and house development. As the DUT GDP system progresses to create jobs and build houses, so shall DUT Credit Ltd shares value grow and make earnings/dividends.

Today, Canada is a country with a population of about 38 million, a GDP of $2.1 trillion and per capita of $53,000. In 2023, the top six banks that have contributed toward Canada GDP growth had a market capitalization of $600 billion based on revenues of $193 billion and net profit of $46 billion. This shows the growth opportunity in Kenya whose population is about 52 million.

DUT Credit Ltd will grow through the DUT GDP system. As DUT town and other projects progress to reach 100,000 jobs creation and 50,000 housing unit’s development; DUT Credit Ltd revenue will reach Ksh 20 billion and net profit will be about Ksh 5 billion. The target is to reach these numbers in 5 – 10 years.

The market capitalization of DUT Credit Ltd based on the net profit of Ksh 5 billion would be at about Ksh 70 billion. One share from the initial 2 million shares issued would be valued at Ksh 35,000.

A person who invested in 100 shares would have a wealth of Ksh 3.5 million and an earning/dividend of Ksh 250,000 from the Ksh 5 billion net profit. A person who invested in 1,000 shares would have wealth of Ksh 35 million and earning/dividend of Ksh 2.5 million. A person who took 10,000 shares would have wealth of Ksh 350 million and earning/dividends of Ksh 25 million.