Diaspora Kenyans reviewed the WPI Business School Dean Emeritus Prof. Michael Ginzberg zoom meeting message during their Saturday zoom meeting. Speaker after speaker noted that the key message of growing to 2000 Diaspora Kenyans is achievable. In conclusion the message to the professor is: “Dean, we can get to 2000 Diaspora Kenyans.” The first update of the 2000 list will be done next week by DUT Credit Ltd, a company created to manage the inflow of capital into Diaspora University projects.

Prof. Ginzberg (Right) Dan Kamau (Left) Prf. Mutisya & Dr. Endege 

Professor Ginzberg’s Diaspora Kenyans and Diaspora University messages reviewed.

Diaspora Kenyans can start a university using Diaspora Remittances that come from innovation in the U.S. and in doing so promote innovation, job creation, and economic growth in Kenya. Universities play a key role in job creation.”

In 1865 more than 225 Worcester Citizens and workers at 20 of the city’s factories and machine shops joined in funding and founding WPI. WPI’s annual budget (2024) is over $300 million, creating thousands of direct and indirect jobs in Worcester, MA, plus nearly 2,000 graduates each year. We need a similar effort now to get to 2,000 Property & MSME Developers to found Diaspora University!

Since 2015, Diaspora Kenyans have remitted over $25 billion, 60% coming from the U.S. These remittances have helped support the Kenyan economy; but the impact could be greater through supporting education.  If 2,000 Diaspora Kenyans had made the decision in 2015 to be part of the Diaspora University founding, some of the $25 billion remittances would already have built the buildings needed and started the university. Diaspora Kenyans. You can fund the Diaspora University Project and other Projects moving forward.   .

Diaspora University takes in first class, May or September 2025.

Architect Prof. David Ogoli of Riverside, CA

Prof. David Ogoli of Baptist University is the lead architect of Diaspora University. He is the designer of the Daktari Biotechnology Ltd plant that will be constructed on an 11 acres plot in Diaspora University Town.

In his review he agreed with his fellow professor that if part of the $25 billion that Diaspora Kenyans remitted (2015 – 2023) that came from U.S innovation and jobs creation had come to Diaspora University, the 4,000 buildings planned for building in 3,778 plots would be erected. The budget is about $400 million. This is 1.6% of the $25 billion remittances.

He said we can get to 2000 Diaspora Kenyans. He proposed that the 2000 put in $1000 as the April 2024 to May/September 2025 Diaspora University opening starts. The professor and his family are part of the 400 already invested in DUT townhouse development, Daktari Biotechnology Shares and DUT Shares.

The professor and the design-build team in the Diaspora University May/September 2025 opening plan will build and deliver about 150,000 square meters of education, commercial and residential space.

Architect David Ogoli (Center( with Dr. Endege at Daktari Biotechnology Ltd plot

Frank Mutura of Raleigh, NC

Frank Mutura and the late Prof. Raphael Njoroge were school mates at Mangu High School. When the university town Master Development Plan was created and required a justification as to whether 2,000 Diaspora Kenyans can become founders of the university town through becoming property developers, he organized and funded the meeting. The late Prof. Raphael Njoroge and Dan Kamau would make a trip to Raleigh, NC and other towns and meet Diaspora Kenyans. The message then was, “We can support the good plan.”

Frank has since progressed the project as an investor of townhouses development, Daktari Biotechnology shares and DUT Credit Ltd shares. He is counted in the 2000. He said, “We shall get to 2000.” He informed his fellow Diaspora Kenyans of the efforts that they made in Kenya in the 1970’s to progress Kenya.

Frank Mutura making roads in North Carolina State

Dr. Teresa Wasonga of Chicago, IL

Dr. Teresa Wasonga is a go-getter who has founded a high school in Kisumu County. The school is enrolling over 120 girls. She has created close to 20 jobs through the venture. After finding out about Diaspora University Town (DUT) she joined the project 2023. She has since invested and become a townhouse developer, DUT credit Ltd shares investor and Daktari Biotechnology Ltd shares investor. She visited the DUT offices at the site in 2023.

She is planning to further invest and open an MSME and expand her school at DUT. She is also looking to have her school and surrounding community become part of the Diaspora University 47 project centers.

She said we should get to 2000 Diaspora Kenyans. She asked Diaspora Kenyans to study the project and once they do they will understand the opportunities and get on board.

Teresa Wasonga (2nd Left) and Dan Kamau (Center) at the DUT office at DUT site 2023.

Dr. Patrick Shompole of Pullman, WA

Dr. Patrick Shompole is a businessman in both U.S and in Kenya, Kajiando County. He has ventured in businesses of healthcare in U.S, school, petrol stations, mining and others in Kenya. He has been with the DUT project since 2020 and has visited the DUT site over 4 times in the last 4 years.

He was part of the Diaspora Kenyans who were present when the Diaspora University Town sign was erected. Last year he presented the Diaspora message during a DUT update meeting that the Governor attended. He and family members are townhouse property developers, DUT Credit Ltd investors and Daktari Biotechnology investors. In the list of 2000 his immediate family will constitute 15 of the 2000 Diaspora Kenya who shall found Diaspora University.

He said the 2000 is achievable and asked those already in DUT to work through passing the message to one or two persons. Dr. Shompole is also looking to expand some of his businesses to the Diaspora University Town and be part of those who open the 300 MSMEs planned.

Dr. Shompole (4th Left) Governor Mwadime (center) Dan Kamau on the left of the Governor. 

RN. Bui Thuo of Peris, Riverside County, CA

RN Bui Thuo joined the project in 2014. She has since advanced the development of Diaspora University medical hospital. She was part of the Diaspora who joined Dan Kamau in 2017 during the opening of the project planning and development in Voi.

She has visited the site two times since and is an investor of townhouse property development, DUT Credit Ltd shares and Daktari Biotechnology shares, She is working on opening one of the MSMEs and is already in the list of the expected 2000 Diaspora Kenyans founders of Diaspora University.

She said we can get to 2000 and as we do so develop the DU Medical Hospital that will meet the medical needs of even Diaspora Kenyans when visiting or after relocation to Kenya.

Dr. Wilson Endege PhD Boston, MA

Dr. Wilson Endege left Kenya in the 90’s and joined Harvard University in Cambridge, MA USA. He has worked in the Academia-Biotech-Pharmaceutical industry in the U.S at The Harvard Institute of Proteomics of Harvard University Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital-Partners Healthcare, Chiron Diagnostics Inc., Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc., and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals. His research in cancer biomarkers, therapeutic targets and drug discovery has resulted in 5 patents issued.

In 2006 he attended the WPI conference and joined the university idea. He also started working on establishing a medicine and vaccine plant that he presented as ongoing through Daktari Biotechnology Ltd that he is the Chairman and founding CEO.

Dr. Endege who is also the Diaspora University Trust chairman made a call for 10,000 investment of Ksh 200,000 for building the medicine and vaccine plant.

He said 2000 Diaspora Kenyans should get on board for the Diaspora University project is a project by the Diaspora, just like the name. He said unlike other projects that were brought by Kenyans to the Diaspora; DUT is a project by Diaspora Kenyans for establishing a university, a hospital, and diverse MSMEs.

Daktari Biotechnology founding scientists are not just founding a company but will be founding the Diaspora University departments of Biology & Biotechnology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, health sciences and others.  Diaspora University will own 30% of the shares of Daktari Biotechnology Ltd.

Dan Kamau formerly of Worcester, MA

Dan Kamau studied economics and business. When in the U.S wrote the book, Gambling with Destiny and others. He founded Jamhuri Magazine that he published and printed over 25 issues. He started working with the WPI professors in 2006 and joined then in organizing the yearly WPI US-Africa Business Conferences. In 2009 he achieved the university town Master Development Plan that is today being implemented.

He started working with WPI Prof. Ginzberg in 2015. During the zoom review meeting he thanked him for his continued commitment to see Kenyans and Kenya develop. He said that the professor has made a challenge to Diaspora Kenyans to use the money that they get because Americans innovated, invested and created jobs to also create jobs and in particular invest in developing Diaspora University.

With over 300,000 Kenyans currently in developed countries, his review was that 2000 Diaspora Kenyans will be achieved.

Dan Kamau currently is at Voi where he has progressed the project and operates from the site as he implements the master development of 1,500 acres to have 3,778 properties, 15,000 jobs, 25,000 residents town.

To reach Dan Email dan@dut.or.ke or WhatsApp +254 743 203 168