The world Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is calculated as $96 trillion. This GDP at any given day anchors over $1 trillion (about Kshs 100 trillion) of finance/money that is looking for work. The money is held in banks, venture capital firms, equity funds, hedge funds and other investments firms.

Diaspora Kenyans, Ndara B Community and Partners are today happy that they have established the Diaspora University Town project. They are happy that the project is at a point where it has a $500 million finance opportunity for the Diaspora Kenyans to remit $500 million (2.5%)of the projected $20 billion remittances (2023 – 2028) to investment plans that: Create 30,000 Jobs, Develop a University Town & Grow the $500 Million to over $1 Billion

The $500 million will come from the projected $20 billion remittances that the Diaspora will send in the next 5 years, by December 2028. The money will be applied toward purchasing of building materials and payment of labour as 4,000 buildings are built inside 3,700 plots and a 60 km roads and infrastructure built to service the 3,700 properties.

30,000 jobs will be created as Diaspora University first class enrolled graduates. DUT town will have 15,000 jobs; 5,000 jobs will be at Ndara B Community land; and, another 10,000 jobs created across the 47 counties as Diaspora University sets project centers.

The Diaspora Kenyans $500 million will own properties at DUT; MSMEs open at DUT as individual businesses or share capital businesses; equipment leased to the Ndara B Community 28 companies; and, property and MSMEs supporting the Diaspora University 47 project centers across the country.

At the end of 2028 the $500 million finance will be valued at about $1 billion and is expected to be making about $100 million income from property rent, and profit income from MSMEs.