Diaspora University Town (DUT) is a project by Diaspora Kenyans, Ndara B Community and partners. The goal of the project is to make resources productive. When Diaspora Kenyans left Kenya they got jobs that put their expertise and time hours to productivity. From the productivity they are able to get food; live in good houses; live in towns and cities with a clean environment; and remit money to Kenya.

DUT goal is to make Kenya resources and Diaspora Kenyan resources productive to meet the Kenyans needs of food, housing, healthcare, clean environment and other needs. DUT is on track to make the following resources productive.

$500 Million Diaspora Remittances 2023 – 2028 to Investment

Diaspora Kenyans are remitting over $4 billion to Kenya. About 50% ($2 billion) is coming as donations to persons without jobs, to persons requiring emergency healthcare and for food.

The DUT plan will gradually move the Diaspora Kenyans donations toward creation of jobs and income so those receiving the jobs can meet their healthcare, food, housing and other needs.

The Diaspora Kenyans in achieving this have started the DUT remittance plan whose aim is to have $500 million (2.5%) of the estimated $20 billion that will be remitted by Diaspora create 30,000 jobs. All persons joining DUT as townhouse developers will be able to create jobs for at least one person.

10 Billion Kg of Natural Materials in Ndara B applied to housing and roads

Housing and roads are constructed by natural materials. Kenya has all the natural materials that are needed to construct roads and housing. A clean environment with minimal dust pollution is achieved through construction and maintenance. The DUT plan will lead to about 10 billion kg of Natural Materials, (Sand, Soil, Marram, Stones and others) applied in building 4,000 buildings and 60 km road network.

150 million hours of human resource by 30,000 persons.

Kenya has about 26 million adults in their productive years of 18 years to 65 years. Today Kenya is undeveloped because about 20 million Kenyans are losing over 20 billion hours to unproductivity. DUT will make 150 million hours productive in 5 years. 30,000 persons will take up jobs created at DUT and through their time play a role in producing.

3 Million liters of Clean Water to 4,000 Houses

Mzima springs, Njoro springs, Lake Challa and underground water in Taita Taveta has over 500 million liters of water available every day. The DUT plan will tap about 5 million liters for the 25,000 town residents, 5,000 university students, 300 MSMEs, and Ndara B 28 companies.

2,700 Sunshine Hours at 25°C (65°F) to 33°C (93°F)

Voi has about 2,700 sunshine hours at 25°C (65°F) to 33°C (93°F). This resource will be put to use through energy production and recreation water parks.

2.7 Million Acre Tsavo East & West, Over 500 Species of Wildlife & 1 Million Tourist

Through DUT the Tsavo parks will increase the number of visitors to over 1 million a year as people visit to see the wildlife. The resource will generate income for persons in the Taita Taveta County, DUT investors and Kenya.