Jackson Kimanzi formerly of Worcester, MA at the Diaspora University Town (DUT) is telling the Diaspora Kenyans to be part of the jobs creation and housing development opportunity in Kenya. The opportunity is currently estimated at Ksh 30 trillion through creation of over 25 million jobs by MSMEs and development of over 6 million housing units. If Kenyans roll up their sleeves this can be achieved in 15 years as is achieved in the U.S. DUT is progressing to achieve 15,000 jobs creation and 7,000 units of housing.

Barnabas Mwandembo of DUT Design-Build & Jackson Kimanzi of DUT Building Materials review the 20 townhouses 16 week delivery plan.

Referencing the recent visits by Edward Wambuii of Charlotte, NC and Nancy Kimaru of Seattle, WA; Jackson who is working on the DUT building materials plan of DUT said, “We need more Kenyans to open up MSMEs for building materials.” Edward is currently working on opening a Metal products MSME.

Having visited over 1,000 MSMEs in Kenya that are involved in building materials, Jackson who is working on the supply plan says there is opportunity for partnership of Entrepreneur and Diaspora Kenyans. He says that a small business in Nairobi could target to supply Ksh 100 million building products to DUT. Diaspora Kenyans opportunity is in the investment in the equipment that would expand the business.

Former Worcester Kenyans Jackson Kimanzi (Right) and Dan Kamau (left) visiting MSMEs at Kariobangi light industries. 

Sending a message to Worcester Diaspora Kenyans, Jackson says they should be the leaders in achieving the effort of 2000 persons that was called for by the former Dean of WPI Business School, Prof. Michael Ginzberg. He said, “When Diaspora University opens its doors and the first class joins, there should be a Diaspora Kenyans celebration event in Worcester, MA at the social hall next to WPI.”

He added, “During the celebration the Worcester Diaspora Kenyans should invite the WPI professors who helped set up the WPI plan in Diaspora University.” He said that on that day, the Diaspora Kenyans shall celebrate the giving back education to Kenya. They shall celebrate the creation of jobs at DUT and in Kenya. They shall celebrate becoming entrepreneurs. Jackson asked that at least 200 Diaspora Kenyans living in Worcester, MA should be in this event having joined DUT.

Jackson also asked the Diaspora Kenyans to invest in the Daktari Biotechnology medicines and vaccines. He said the statement that nurses, LPN and RN’s jobs are there because of the medicines and vaccines they administer should be a motivation to LPN’s and RNs to join Dr. Endege in founding Daktari Biotechnology Ltd.

On a lighter note he said, “Diaspora Kenyans should invest so that when they return to Kenya, like me, and we grow old in Kenya, we have the medicines we need.”

From Left: Barnabas Mwandembo (DUT Design-Build), Jackson Kimanzi (DUT Building Materials, Peter Keke (DUT Electrical), Emmanuel Mwanyiro (DUT Roads) & Faith Mwachala (DUT MSMEs)

When asking Diaspora Kenyans to read the article of Grace Njuguna of Anaheim, CA who is working on opening a laundromats business to reach revenue sales of Ksh 100 million; he said, “Diaspora Kenyans have the opportunity through opening MSMEs of furniture, house appliances, medical supplies, other products and services to transform Kenya to a developed country.”