The 20,000 jobs creation Diaspora University Town (DUT) project is the best investment in Kenya. DUT investment in job creation incorporates investment in the plans, systems and property that lead to persons working to produce goods and services to sustain the workers, other people and the environment.

Jobs at DUT will meet the rights of food, housing, healthcare, clean water, social security, education, environment and children rights. The DUT jobs will be created by six development plans that will be supported by investments in property or shares. The property and shares will create new wealth for the investors.

Diaspora University Town Jobs Creation Plan
Anchored on Kenya Constitution 184 that establishes the need for urban areas, and the urban Areas and Cities Act (2011); the DUT town development plan will create about 1000 jobs as a settlement of 30,000 residents emerges.

To sustain the Kenya environment as required by Kenya constitution preamble and constitution right 42 and to meet the housing right; the Kenya population that has now passed 50 million will be settled in well planned towns and cities. Those who live in the towns and cities will participate in meeting their environment, economic and social rights.

Diaspora University Jobs Creation Plan
The Diaspora University plan will increase student’s intake in Kenya and in the global market. The university plan is adopted from the WPI University plan. The university will create about 1500 faculty and staff jobs as the university grows to 10,000 students.

Medical Hospital Jobs Creation Plan
The Diaspora University Medical Hospital Plan is a plan that will meet the healthcare needs of the Diaspora University Town residents, students, Kenyans, and visitors to Kenya. The plan is established to achieve Kenya Constitution 43 (1) Every person has the right— (a) to the highest attainable standard of health, which includes the right to health care services, including reproductive health care. (2) A person shall not be denied emergency medical treatment.
The plan is established by Diaspora Kenyans in the healthcare profession and will achieve a hospital similar to any hospital in the U.S.

Daktari Biotechnology Ltd. Jobs Creation Plan
This is a development plan of medicine and vaccines production in Kenya. The plan will grow to produce over 30 medicines and vaccines. The plan will be implemented on an 11 acres land at the Diaspora University Town. The plan will create about 500 jobs as 30 medicines and vaccine products are produced and sold in the Kenya and Africa market.

DUT Credit Ltd. Jobs Creation Plan
The company is set up to implement the finance plan of the project. The company is managing the Diaspora University Trust endowment. The company will grow to become a bank and create about 300 jobs as it manages the over $1 billion capital investment in the town as well as provides financial services to residents, workers, students and 500 MSMEs.

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Jobs Creation Plan
About 500 MSMEs will be set up at the Diaspora University Town to create about 15,000 jobs. Manufacturing MSMEs that will produce building materials, healthcare supplies and other products will create about 30% of the jobs. MSMEs that support the Town Operation, Management and Environment Plans will create another 20% of the jobs. About 50% of the jobs will be from MSMEs that meet the residents, children, students, and visitor’s needs.

The investment plans that will support the six jobs creation plans include the investment in townhouse development, Investment in Shares of MSMEs setting up and investment in setting up an MSME.