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10,000 Jobs Creation at DUT

A job is the organised work that each person does to meet their needs. A country's jobs market is calculated based on the number of persons aged 18 years to 65 years who can work. Today Kenya is estimated to have a population of about 52 million. 50% or about

How Developed World Create Jobs

Kenya continues to have low jobs creation rates. This low rate of jobs creation leads to Kenyans looking for jobs in other countries that have created more jobs than the demanded jobs by the population entering the jobs market. The Kenya Diaspora community is a result of low jobs creation

Dr. Shompole, RN Bui & J. Miano Advance DUT Healthcare at Kiserian, Kajiando

Dr. Patrick Shompole of Pullman, WA; RN Bui Thuo of Los Angeles, CA; and, Joseph Miano formerly of Baltimore, MD held a Diaspora University Town (DUT) meeting at Kiserian, Kajiando County. The team is part of the group working on the Medical Hospital plan that will improve healthcare in Kenya.

The Diaspora Bank

Diaspora Kenyans developers of the Diaspora University Town continue to progress DUT Credit Ltd in Kenya to become the Diaspora Bank. The financial institution is currently implementing the Diaspora University Town (DUT) finance plan. This is a plan that is expected to grow Kenya's banking sector by Kshs 100 billion

Kenya Banks Deposits Growth to Kshs 4.6 Trillion, Loans to Kshs 3.25 Trillion & Diaspora Remittances

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) banking supervision report of 2021 shows the total Kenya banking deposits of 53 financial institutions at the end of 2021 at Kshs 4.6 trillion. The report shows the banking sector investment in 39 banks and 14 microfinance banks at Kshs 902 billion. The

Dr. Endege Letter to Diaspora Kenyans on Investing in Medicine & Vaccine Plant in Kenya

DAKTARI BIOTECHNOLOGY LTD. P.O. Box 420-80300 Voi, Kenya Tel: Kenya +254 113 217    +254 795 679 202     U.S. +1 781 492 6851 Email: info@dktb.co.ke      Website: www.dktb.co.ke 9th June 2022 Dear Diaspora Kenyans, MEDICINE AND VACCINE PLANT The approximate 5 million RNs and

The Best Investment into Kenya

The 20,000 jobs creation Diaspora University Town (DUT) project is the best investment in Kenya. DUT investment in job creation incorporates investment in the plans, systems and property that lead to persons working to produce goods and services to sustain the workers, other people and the environment. Jobs at
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