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Diaspora Kenyans Talk at Diaspora University Town Sign.

At the Diaspora University Town signboard Diaspora Kenyans talked about the job’s creation project. Dan Kamau formerly of Massachusetts said, “Thousands of Kenyans living in the Diaspora left Kenya for higher Education and Jobs opportunity.

The Dream for Kenya DUT Jobs Creation & Houses Development Project.

When a Kenyan is in an airplane headed to the U.S and U.K to leave there for the first time their brain explores so many different possibilities. One question that will bombard the brain is: Will I get a job?

Ndara B Community & Diaspora Kenyans 10 Constitution Laws & Statements On DUT Development.

Ndara B Community and Diaspora Kenyans who are founding and developing Diaspora University Town project in Taita Taveta are doing so in accordance with the Kenya Constitution. The community and Diaspora Kenyans are following the Constitution as well as implementing it.
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