At the Diaspora University Town sign, Ndara B Community thanked GOD for the Diaspora University Town Jobs Creation project. The community also thanked the Diaspora Kenyans who has worked and invested to start this Jobs Creation Project?

“A Job gives one income that becomes the food, housing, healthcare, children needs and other needs,” said the Ndara B Community.

Ndara B Community that today has more than two thousand adult members and over 5,000 growing children aged below 18 years is what made the community members consider the project.

Reading the Ndara B Community statement Ronald Mwagombe said, “Our community in 2016 made a commitment to creating 20,000 jobs for our members, and jobless Kenyans as we became founders and developers of the Diaspora University Town by granting our land to incorporate Diaspora University Trust.”

The Community further stated that they are happy that their members have started getting jobs and the community look forward to celebrating job number 20,000 created.

The Community made it clear that it is through work that we meet our needs of food, healthcare, housing, and others. Mwangombe said, “The University, Hospital, Medicine & Vaccine Plant, Research Park, ICT Park, Industrial Park, Schools, and Other businesses will not only create jobs but will meet our Kenya Constitution 43 rights.”

Mwangombe added that the community members are every day reading the Constitution for they want to meet their rights of food, housing, healthcare, and others using their land and their human resource through a job. He said, “In the next one year we expect this project to create 3,000 Jobs.”

The community further made their expectation from those employed in government. Mwagombe said, “Our expectation from anyone entrusted with a State/public job is that the person shall facilitate and not delay jobs creation and in doing so deny others their Kenya Constitution 43 rights.”

Regarding the Diaspora Kenyans that community said, “Working with Diaspora
Kenyans we shall achieve a better Kenya than anyone leaving university and becoming an adult shall get a job.”