Dear Diaspora Kenyan (Nurse, MD, Healthcare Professional & Other Professionals)
The Diaspora University Medical Hospital
I write to invite you to be part of the founding of Diaspora University Medical Hospital.

On 16th December 2014, I joined my fellow Kenyans who started the Kenya University Project (KUP) that is now Diaspora University Town (DUT). President Uhuru Kenyatta in September 2014 at Boston, asked Kenyans to come create jobs for the young Kenyans. I answered the call through the DUT project.

As a trained RN, with my fellow RN, Mary Kinyanjui, we kicked off the Medical Hospital development plan. Since then, the project has advanced to the point that it can apply for a $500 million (Kshs 50 billion) finance. The finance applied to achieve the following developments inside 1,500 acres:
●3,600 Townhouses development in 50ft x 100ft plots.
●Medical Hospital.
●Medicine and Vaccine Plant.
●Diverse Micro Small and medium Enterprises.

In the last 7 ½ years, I have put in over 4,000 hours and about 4% of my RN pay to advance the project. Putting these resources has made me appreciate:
●Those who built the universities that I studied in here in the U.S for my BSN and MSN.
●Those who built the hospitals I have worked in the departments of emergency, ICU and other departments over the years.
●Those who produce the medicines and vaccines that I have given to thousands of patients as part of my nursing Job.
●Those who planned the towns, the houses and environment that I have lived in and raised my family since I migrated to the U.S.

The Diaspora Kenyans, Ndara B Community and Partners who put in resources will benefit young men and women who will get education at Diaspora University and get jobs at Diaspora University Medical Hospital.

Over the years when working in the emergency, ICU and other units, I have been part of the treatment of thousands of patients through a system that works.
Our goal is to have a list of Diaspora Kenyans who will be the founders of the Diaspora University Medical Hospital System. There are over 50,000 of Diaspora Kenyans working in hospitals and the healthcare sector. My fellow RNs, LPNs, MDs, and healthcare professionals, let us build the hospital.

Thanks to the brilliant Diaspora Kenyan economists in DUT, we today have a hospital business plan that will develop to become a $50 million non-profit hospital. The amount applied to create over 1,000 jobs of Doctors, Nurses and other healthcare professionals in Kenya.

Of the $4 billion Diaspora will remit in 2022, about 10% will go to healthcare donations. Diaspora Kenyans will this year spend money to bring their loved ones for treatment in the U.S hospitals or to send them to India. The DU Medical Hospital will reduce these donations and offer medical services in Kenya.

To be in the DU Medical Hospital Founders list, you will join DUT and commit to put in part of your income abroad through investing in any of the following investments: DUT Townhouse Developer, DKTB Medicine and Vaccines shares, DUT Credit Ltd Shares or starting an MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise) at DUT.

Bui Thuo (California) +1 951 776 7446
Dr. Wilson Endege (Boston) +1 781 492 6851
Dan Kamau, Voi (Formerly of Worcester, MA) +254 743 203 168
DUT Credit Ltd. +254 768 290 099
Daktari Biotechnology Ltd. +254 113 217 148


Bui Graduates with Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
Bui Seated 2nd Right and others advance KUP at Los Angeles, CA.
Bui (Left) and Cathy Jackie Right advance KUP at Rugby 7 at Las Vegas, NV
Bui (2nd Right) and Others advance KUP at New York City 
Bui takes KUP to Sacramento, CA
Biu (3rd Right) takes KUP to Phoenix, AZ
Bui (Right) advances KUP at Moreno Valley, CA
Bui (Seated 4th right) takes KUP to Las Vegas, NV
Bui (Squatting left) at Anaheim, CA
Bui (left) and Njeri (Right) at Rugby 7s at Las Vegas, NV 
Bui at Las Vegas, NV advances KUP 
Bui (4th left front row) at Baltimore, MD
Bui (Second Left) at Las Vegas with from left Njeri, Cathyjackie, Mary and Joyce. 
Bui Climbs Mount Kilimanjaro as she advances DUT.