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Tel: Kenya +254 113 217    +254 795 679 202     U.S. +1 781 492 6851
Email: info@dktb.co.ke      Website: www.dktb.co.ke
9th June 2022

Dear Diaspora Kenyans,


The approximate 5 million RNs and LPNs in the U.S, administer to patients billions of tablets and doses of medicines and vaccines every year. The top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world sales revenue in 2021 was reported between $40 billion and $80 billion (§). The total at $540 billion.

Nursing and medicine are interconnected. To grow the jobs of nursing in Kenya, we also have to grow the medicines and vaccines production in Kenya.

Today, myself and fellow founders are ready to produce medicines and vaccines in Kenya.

We have the following in place:
•Daktari Biotechnology Ltd. A company registered in Kenya with offices in Voi.
•Bacman Technology for Medicine and Vaccines Production.
•Laser-Art Technology for Medicine and Vaccine Production.
•30 Medicines and Vaccines production plans.
•Medicine and vaccines Raw materials plans.
•11 acres land at Diaspora University Town.
•3,600 SQM building design for the Medicine and Vaccine Plant.
•Business Plan to sell medicines and vaccines in Kenya and Africa.

We are inviting Diaspora Kenyans to be part of building and equipping the Medicine and Vaccine Plant.

In 5 years once we build, our plan is to produce over 30 medicines and vaccines and reach sales revenue of over $200 million.

To become an investor in the DKTB building and equipment plan one needs to invest $2,000.

The good thing is you can invest the $2,000 through a 60-month DUT Credit Ltd loan and put in $42 a month, a total of $2,520 with $520 going to loan interest.

Medicine and Vaccines production in the U.S contributes to:
•Thousands of Medical Doctors jobs.
•Thousands of nursing jobs for LPNs and RNs who administer medicines and vaccines at hospitals and nursing homes.
•Thousands of scientists and medicine research & pharmaceuticals drug development jobs.
•Thousands of jobs in medicine production and packaging products making.
•Enhanced/Increased Life expectancy rate as better and locally produced are administered to treat and manage medical conditions.

To the over 50,000 Diaspora Kenyans LPNs and RNs in U.S, Canada, U.K and other parts of Diaspora, as you give your next patient medicines and vaccines make a commitment to be a producer of medicines and vaccines in Kenya.

Visit our website www.dktb.co.ke to learn more.

Dr. Wilson Endege (Boston) +1 781 492 6851
Daktari Biotechnology (Voi, Kenya) +254 113 217 148   +254 795 679 202

Dr. Endege speaks at Voi during meeting with persons in Voi.
The medicine and Vaccine Plant design of 3 floors, 3,600 SQM.
The Diaspora money that once tapped could produce medicine and create thousands of jobs.