Lillian Mweru, a Diaspora Kenyan currently residing in Seattle, WA region, is planning to come back to Kenya as a Diaspora University founding staff. Diaspora University is a university founded by Diaspora Kenyans, Ndara B Community and Partners. The founders are progressing the university to opening in 2024. About 100 faculty and staff shall open the university.

Lillian joined the founding of Diaspora University in 2015 when she signed the Townhouse Development and Investment Agreement (THIDA) as a four townhouses developer. She has since put in the THIDA capital and is developing 4 townhouses of the planned 3,500 townhouses.

In 2021, Lillian visited the Diaspora University Town (DUT) site. This was during the COVID time. Lillian, understood that there was a need to advance medicine and vaccines production. She invested in Daktari Biotechnology medicine and vaccine plan through the Medicine and Vaccines Investment Shares (MAVIS) plan.

Daktari Biotechnology Ltd, whose headquarters will be at Diaspora University Town and will be affiliated to the Diaspora University Biology and Biotechnology department is progressing to achieve a medicine and vaccine plant as well as opening pharmacy outlets at DUT and other parts of Kenya and East Africa.

Lillian Mweru at Diaspora University Town (DUT) Medicine & Vaccine Plot

Lillian has further invested in DUT Credit Ltd shares as she joined other DUT founders in the founding this financial institution that the Diaspora are progressing to guide their money to go to creation of jobs. The Diaspora Kenyans are optimistic that as more Diaspora Kenyans embrace jobs creation plans their money will come as investment through DUT Credit Ltd

Lillian is today preparing to come and work for about 9,000 hours in the next 5 years as she and others become the founding Diaspora University faculty and staff. Their role is to open the university and progress it until the first class graduates.

The staff jobs that will be taken by most of the founders include; administrative staff, academic department staff, student’s affairs staff, environment staff and other staff. During opening there will be about 50 faculty positions and 50 staff positions. Diaspora Kenyans are expected to take about 25 of the positions. Lillian has taken one of those positions as she continues her Diaspora University founding role.

As Diaspora University progresses, the number of faculty and staff jobs will grow to about 1000 jobs. About 500 faculty jobs and 500 staff jobs. The goal is to have 50% of the jobs taken by Diaspora Kenyans who become founders of Diaspora University.

As 15,000 jobs are created the Diaspora Kenyans are expected to take up at least 10% of the jobs. Today we have three former Diaspora Kenyans working in DUT. Dan Kamau formerly of Worcester, MA who is the Executive Trustee and Project Director. Joseph Miano formerly of Baltimore, MD who is the Diaspora  Medical Hospital plan and Jackson Kimanzi formerly of Worcester, MA who is progressing the DUT MSMEs plan.