Diaspora Kenyans from across the world continue to become Diaspora University founders through becoming developers of townhouses planned for Diaspora University Town (DUT). The Diaspora Kenyans are also becoming the founding faculty and staff of the university. The Diaspora Kenyans are also founding the Diaspora University hospital.


Dan Kamau, the Diaspora University Trust Executive Trustee and Project Director, says that there are over 400 Diaspora Kenyans who are already Diaspora University founders. The 400 persons are developing over 1000 townhouses in the Diaspora University Town plan. About 30 will become the founding faculty and staff. Over 30 are working on the hospital plan.


Dan says that the project continues to welcome Diaspora Kenyans. He thanks those who have so far become founders. He notes that the primary purpose of Diaspora University founding is to create jobs that meet the rights of food, healthcare, housing and other rights. He adds, “15,000 jobs will be created as the Diaspora University is developed in a well-planned Diaspora University Town.

On the current status of Diaspora University founding, Dan who started founding the university when he joined WPI Professors at Worcester, MA says, “I relocated from the U.S to Kenya, December 2017. In the last 6 years we have established the DUT plans and systems that will create jobs, grow Kenya GDP and create new wealth as the Diaspora University, Diaspora University Hospital and Diaspora University Town are achieved.

On jobs creation he says, “By the close of 2023 the DUT project had created 100 jobs. By the close of 2024 the goal is to have created 3,000 jobs. By 2028, the goal is to have 15,000 jobs created in Diaspora University Town.”

Diaspora University Town site picture 2023.

On growth of GDP Dan says, “The world GDP is currently at about $96 trillion. The countries with high GDP, like the U.S, grow their GDP by maximizing on individual rights of food, housing, healthcare, environment and other rights. DUT shall grow GDP as we create good paying jobs that achieve constitutional rights.”

On wealth creation Dan says, “The project has created over Ksh 5 billion in new wealth. The wealth is held by Diaspora University Trust, Diaspora Investors, Kenyans and Ndara B Community as property and MSME shares. By the end of 2024 our goal is to surpass the Ksh 15 billion mark. By December 2028 the goal is to reach Ksh 150 billion of wealth creation. Diaspora University will own about Ksh 30 billion and the investors Ksh 120 billion.”

He adds, "Diaspora Kenyans are becoming founders to create this new wealth that will be held as 3,500 townhouses, 3,200 apartments, other residential properties and MSMEs capital, shares or individual ownership."