As 2023 comes to a close, Diaspora University opening plans are progressing to have 300 Diaspora Kenyans to return to Kenya in 2024. The 300 Diaspora Kenyans will in 2024 work part-time or full time in Kenya. They will put in at least 400 professional hours each and collectively about 400,000 professional hours of the 3 million hours expected to be put in 2024 through 3,000 jobs by the following plans: Diaspora University Plan, Diaspora Hospital Plan, Diaspora University Town plan, Design-Build Plan and the MSMEs Plans.

Diaspora University Town 2023

Diaspora University Plan

Dr. Wilson Endege of Boston, MA; Prof Philliph Mutisya of Durham, NC; Prof. Rose Lugano of Florida; Dr. David Agwenyi of New Jersey; Dr. Teresa Wesonga of Chicago, IL, Prof David Ogoli of Riverside, CA and others are progressing the Diaspora University plan. In 2024 the plan will achieve all the requirements to receive the first class. One requirement is 100 jobs creation. Diaspora Kenyans will take up 50 of the 100 jobs that include: Founding Vice Chancellor, School Deans, Heads of academic Departments, Department’s faculty, Academic Departments staff, Registration Department, Finance department, Student’s Dean, Sports staff and others.

Diaspora Hospital Plan

As the University opens so will a medical hospital be open. Joseph Miano formerly of Baltimore, MD and John Hopkins University hospital is already in Kenya working on the plan. The hospital will be open in space in one of the university buildings. The hospital will create about 150 jobs as it operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.  RN Bui Thuo of L.A, CA; Dr. Phillip Mwalali in Raleigh, NC; Dr. Chris Okumu in Reading, UK; and other Diaspora doctors, nurses, therapists and healthcare professionals are expected to be part of the hospital system. About 70 jobs taken by Diaspora professionals.  

Diaspora University Town Plan

Diaspora University is developing the town that will support the University. The town development plan is already ongoing and is headed by Dan Kamau formerly of Worcester, MA. About 150 jobs will be created by the following departments: Project, Budgets/Finance, Property management, Environment, Security, Water, Supplies, Marketing and Transportation.  Diaspora Kenyans will take up about 30 jobs.

Design-Build Plan

The design-build plan also called the DB plan will create 2,000 jobs of the 3,000 jobs. The jobs will construct the roads and infrastructure and the buildings. Diaspora Kenyans will have the opportunity to take up 50 jobs in the areas of architecture, engineering, procurement and construction.

MSMEs and Organizations Plan

By the end of 2024 as 4,000 persons settle in Diaspora University Town, about 50 MSMEs will be operational that will create over 600 jobs. About 25 of the MSMEs will be started by Diaspora Kenyans. About 50 Diaspora will be working in the MSMEs plans.

List of MSMEs Progressing to be Established by Diaspora Kenyans.

· Daktari Biotechnology Ltd. started by Dr. Endege of Boston, MA. The MSME is expected to have over 10 Diaspora Kenyans working in the Company at the end of 2024.

· DUT Credit Ltd. started by DUT, Diaspora Kenyans & Ndara B Community the financial institution is projected to have 5 Diaspora advancing the $500 million Diaspora Remittance Plan.

· Diaspora University Recreation Park, a 139 acres theme and water park plan will have at least 2 Diaspora Kenyans jobs created by the end of 2024.

· DUT Technical High with about 40 technical areas will be spearheaded by a Diaspora Kenyan.

· Church by Bishop Donald Mwawasi of Atlanta, GA

· Tourism and Hotel Plan headed by Cathy Jackie of Baltimore, MD.

· Clothing/Tailoring business by Alice David of Raleigh, NC and others.

· Medical Supplies & Equipment MSME by Bui Thou of California

· Bakery by Mary Gitagia of Federal Way, WA

· Salon/Beauty Shop by Eunice Gikaru of Tacoma, WA

· Petrol Station by Dr. Patrick Shompole of Pullman, WA

· Lighting/Furniture Manufacturing by Dr. Gerald Baraza of Holland, MI

· Beauty/Barber Shop by Agnes Mwaura of Oklahoma, OK

· Paints Production  by Noah Wangai of Moreno Valley, CA

· Daycare/Tea & Coffee Shop by Martha Macharia of Baltimore, MD

· Furniture by Evaline Omondi of UK

· Nursing Home by RN Susan Kochellah of MN

· Food & Beverages Restaurant by George Yang of Worcester, MA

· Hotel by Frank Mutura of Raleigh, NC

· Fabricated Products by Edward Wambui of Charlotte, NC

· Laundry by Grace Njuguna of Anaheim, CA