Dr. Wilson Endege is inviting Diaspora Kenyans and Kenyans to be shareholders of the Daktari Biotechnology Ltd. Company. Through a plan arranged in collaboration with Diaspora University Trust and DUT Credit Ltd he says a Diaspora Kenyan can invest about $29, €26, £23, 4,449 a month become a shareholder of Daktari Biotechnology Ltd that will have a Medicine and Vaccines production plant and over 1,000 pharmacies. The company will also be affiliated with the Diaspora University Medical Hospital and the Diaspora University departments of Biotechnology and Biochemistry.

The scientist, after going to the Diaspora, worked at The Harvard Institute of Proteomics of Harvard University Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital-Partners HealthCare, Chiron Diagnostics Inc., Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc., and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals. He says he is applying his vast experience and the Bacman Technology that his colleague established to found the medicine and vaccine plant.

He is joined by Dr. Benson Edagwa, an associate professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Dr. Edagwa is an organic/medicinal chemist who is listed as a co-inventor of 13 U.S patent applications. He co-invented long acting slow effective release antiretroviral therapy (LASER ART) regimen with potential for a once every year dosing interval for treatment and prevention of HIV-1 and other viral infections.

Other scientists in the company are: Dr Shompole of Pullman, WA who worked in the Washington State University, Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology; Dr. Benard Ayanga of Houston, Dr. Frederick Boyce of Boston who has worked with Dr. Endege in various projects and Dr. Chris Kemp.

Dr. Endege when presenting to the Diaspora Kenyans the vision of medicines and vaccines says, “Medicines and Vaccines produced will increase Africa Life Expectancy from 65 years to over 75 years by reducing deaths associated with lack of medicine and vaccines.”


The other goals include: Improve Africa’s Healthcare Standards by producing and availing sufficient quality Medicines and Vaccines for the 1.4 billion people and growing; advance Medicines and Vaccines Research and Education; create thousands of Good Paying Jobs; and, grow Kenya/Africa GDP.

On who should become shareholders Dr. Endege says, “A Diaspora Nurse (RN & LPN) who administers medicine should take at least One (1) investment and put in ($29, €26, £23) a month. A Diaspora Kenyan who looks to retire in Kenya will need Medicines in their old age. The $29, €26, £23 a month investment today will provide both medicine and dividends in future. A Kenyan who wants to advance Medicine & Vaccine Production with Ksh 4,449 a month and create jobs and make a return.”