I was recently asked, “Can Diaspora Kenyans develop Diaspora University Town (DUT) Information Communication and Technology (ICT)?” I answered, "Yes." My name is Dan Kamau, the Diaspora University Trust Executive Trustee and the Diaspora University Town (DUT) project director. I lived in the Diaspora, in the city of Worcester, MA, where with WPI professors and Diaspora Kenyans we started what is today the Diaspora University project.  

Dan Kamau at Voi, Taita Taveta County, Kenya 

Any Diaspora Kenyan who has ICT knowledge, is an ICT entrepreneur or is willing to become an ICT entrepreneur can be part of developing the ICT of Diaspora University Town. The town is developed by Diaspora Kenyans, Ndara B Community and partners. The town development plan looks to achieve a town that applies as many ICT technologies as possible as it becomes a smart town in transportation, energy, environment and other applications.

In advancing ICT, Diaspora University Trust, the developer of Diaspora University Town, is investing in two ICT MSMEs. The Trust is allocating plots and capital for starting an MSME for ICT systems, software and applications; and, an MSME of ICT hardware products. Diaspora Kenyans are invited to come set up the MSMEs.

As Diaspora University opens, enrols the first class and progresses; about 50 ICT jobs will be created in the first five years of Diaspora university operation. The ICT jobs will be in the Computer science academic department, University ICT department and the University Data Center. Diaspora Kenyans who are ICT professionals and want to be part of the Diaspora University ICT system can join DUT and be part of developing the Diaspora University ICT.


About 30 of the 300 MSMEs planned to be open at Diaspora University Town (DUT) will be ICT MSMEs. These are MSMEs of: ICT products manufacturing; ICT products retail and sales; ICT products maintenance and repairs; ICT software; ICT Apps and other ICT products and services. Diaspora Kenyans can open these MSMEs. The MSMEs will be integrated into the Diaspora University academic system.

ICT has become part of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country. In the U.S. the ICT sector is calculated at about 10% of the U.S. GDP. This calculates to about $2.5 trillion of the $25 trillion U.S GDP in 2023. The DUT plan is developing a town with a GDP of Ksh 15 billion. About Ksh 1.5 billion of the GDP will be achieved through the ICT systems.

Kenya GDP is about Ksh 14 trillion ($100 billion). The GDP will grow past the Ksh 60 trillion as Kenya's population grows to 60 million persons. An ICT sector of 10% of the GDP, about Ksh 6 trillion GDP will be developed. The Diaspora Kenyans who open ICT MSMEs at DUT will be part of developing the Ksh 6 trillion ICT sector through the MSMEs they establish.

Email: dan@dut.or.ke www.dut.or.ke