The 2024 Plan to open Diaspora University is an ongoing development plan advanced by Diaspora Kenyans, Ndara B Community, WPI scholars and Taita Taveta Government. The 2024 plan will achieve buildings and infrastructure development in about 300 acres. The plan will further bring the WPI system and scholars. Students will be enrolled to join the university.

Dan Kamau (Right) welcomes visitors to Diaspora University Town site offices in 2024.

The 2024 plan will further create 5,000 jobs. 3,000 jobs will be created at the Diaspora University Town; a town settlement of 4,000 persons developed. 2,000 jobs will be created by 28 plans started by the Ndara B community for industrial and farming.

During the first meeting of the year 2024, the roles of Diaspora Kenyans, Ndara B Community, WPI Scholars, and Taita Taveta Government that will open Diaspora University in 2024 were reviewed.

Diaspora Kenyans

In the last 20 years, as per CBK records Jan 2004 to Nov 2023, Diaspora Kenyans have remitted $34 billion. This is about Ksh 5 trillion, based on current exchange. In 2024, Diaspora Kenyans as founders, goal is to flow in about $50 million (Ksh 7.5 billion) of the $4 billion that will be remitted to develop property and MSMEs at DUT. The Diaspora Kenyans who have achieved the project so far, will bring on board more Diaspora Kenyans in 2024. (Source)

The Diaspora Kenyans second role is to take up 300 (10%) of the 3,000 jobs created at DUT. The Diaspora Kenyans will open MSMEs. Daktari Biotechnology Ltd, a Medicine and Vaccines company was started by Diaspora Scientists and Diaspora Kenyans. The Diaspora Kenyans are investing in building a plant.

Diaspora Kenyans other role is to find MSMEs in the Diaspora that can come to set up in Kenya. Today Kenya has a Balance of Trade (BOT) deficit of Ksh 1.5 trillion. Diaspora Kenyans see this as an opportunity to take MSMEs to Kenya that can produce the imported goods.

Ndara B Community

The community is made up of 3,000 adults who own 4,000 acres of community land. The first role the community will play is their members taking up about 1000 jobs of the 3,000 jobs created in the Diaspora University Town.

The second role is the production and supply of over 50 building material products through 14 building materials. In 2024 the community is tasked to produce and supply building materials of about Ksh 1.5 billion of the Ksh 4.5 billion construction budget. The community's other role is to start 14 farming plans.

The 14 building materials plans and 14 farming plans will create about 2,000 jobs. The community members will take up about 1,000 jobs.

Ndara B 28 plans on 4,000 acres land

WPI, & Diaspora Kenyan Scholars

Diaspora University will be founded through application of the WPI Plan. WPI scholars will in 2024 guide the Diaspora University scholars on the WPI plan. By the end of the year the Diaspora University will have the WPI model established at Diaspora University; about 200 courses from WPI, Diaspora Kenyans, Kenyan scholars and other scholars; 3 buildings with about 15,000 square meters; and, the university operational system, 50 faculty and 50 staff ready to accept the first class.

Taita Taveta County Government

The County government of Taita Taveta's role is to advance the rights of County residents. Through the Governor, Executive department and the County Assembly, the Government of Taita Taveta will pass bills that lead to investments into the County. The other role is the approvals of buildings and infrastructure constructed.

(Standing) Dr. Panual Mwaeke Taita Taveta County CECM Devolution & (Sitting Right) Hon..Bryson Mwambi (MCA - Sagalla Ward,) at DUT Site in 2023.

The bills, investments and timely approvals will advance the residents social, economic, environment and children rights. As Diaspora University opens the 5,000 persons getting jobs will also be achieving their rights of healthcare, food, housing, clean water, environment, children rights and other rights.