Diaspora University, as per audited report, has an endowment valued at Ksh 3.2 billion. The endowment is achieved through the resources put in that include the Master Development Plan (MDP), Land, WPI Plan and others. The MDP goal is to grow the endowment to Ksh 20 billion as Diaspora University, Diaspora University Town, Diaspora University Town Property and MSMEs (Micro Small & Medium Enterprises) are developed. The university founders are: Diaspora Kenyans, Ndara B Community and Partners.

Dan Kamau at the Diaspora University Town site. Background DUT temporary office building.

Diaspora Kenyans are founding the university by becoming Diaspora University Town (DUT) Townhouse developers, DUT MSMEs founders, Diaspora University faculty, Diaspora University staff, and Diaspora University Medical Hospital founders.

Ndara B Community, of about 3,000 members, as founder of Diaspora University are in the process of setting up 28 companies (MSMEs) that will support the building of the university through natural and manufactured building materials. The materials will be applied in the building the university buildings and other buildings. The companies shall further support the environment sustenance, the university sustenance and the town sustenance.

(Left) Dan Kamau, Prof. Mutiya & Dr. Endege. (Right) Prof. Ginzberg & WPI Professors in 2017. 

Diaspora University visioning and planning was started at WPI by the late WPI Professors Arthur Gerstenfeld and Raphael Njoroge. The professors established WPI as a partner through the WPI Plan implementation in Diaspora Universit. The implementation of the WPI plan is today led by former Dean of WPI School of Business, Prof. Michael Ginzberg. The professor and WPI professors will advise on the implementation of WPI Plan into Diaspora University.

Today the founders are working on the plan and requirements for opening Diaspora University as follows:

WPI Plan

This is the plan that will be applied to educate students from the day they are enrolled to the day they graduate. Diaspora University is planned to adopt the plan. The implementation through advisory by WPI professors.

Degree Programs

The first three degree programs are Civil Engineering, Business, and Biology & Biotechnology. Diaspora Kenyans scholars founding university and WPI scholars advising will shape these programs.


In line with the WPI plan about 125 courses will be established in the areas of Humanities & Arts; Social Science and Law; Health Science; Physical Education; Mathematics; Basic Science; Computer Science and Applications; Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP); Engineering Science; Civil Engineering; Civil Engineering Laboratory; Major Qualifying Project (MQP); Chemistry; Biology & Biotechnology; Biology & Biotechnology Laboratory; Business Foundation; and Business Management. The courses will come from the Diaspora Kenyans founders and WPI.


Three (3) buildings with a total space of 12,000 Sqm will be built on the main campus 155 acre plot. The buildings will provide the office, learning space and support services as the university opens.

Fields and Parks

In the fields and parks plot of 69 acres fields of Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball and other sports will be developed as part of the curriculum as well as for sports programs.


Diaspora Kenyans through the THIDA system are developing townhouses that shall be applied for Students & Faculty/Staff needs.


Students Finance Fund

The amount will be established in cash form as the Trust liquidates some of its assets as well as from incentives. This achieved through the County and National Government incentives.

Faculty & Staff

These are the faculty and staff. Diaspora Kenyans and Kenyans who shall open the Administration system, Academic Departments, Finance, Registration, Students, Sports, Environment, Property Management, Food and other departments.

Medical Hospital

A hospital shall be open at the university to meet the students, faculty and town resident’s healthcare needs. The hospital will also be affiliated to the health Sciences Department.


A water plan of at least 200,000 liters of clean water a day will supply the university buildings and townhouses.


The MSMEs started by Ndara B Community, Diaspora Kenyans and others will support the university operation needs; university faculty and staff needs; university students, persons who become town residents and their children; and sustain the university.

For more info Email univ@dut.or.ke or Call/WhatsApp +254 768 295 190