The Diaspora University Town (DUT) Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) planis to plant over 200,000 trees. The DUT SEA water plan is for progressively harvesting rain water that will grow the trees. The DUT environment department that is operational at the site continues to enact the DUT SEA. The head of DUT Environment Department, Pagiel Mshila, is happy with the progress made. Following the rains over the weekend they captured over 10 million liters of water in stream one. This is water that would have rushed through the stream.

Pagiel at Stream that they installed a sand dam and currently has about 1 million litres of water. 

Pageil says that in the next 5 years the environment department will achieve over 50,000 trees along the streams in DUT land and the Voi River that collectively are about 20 km in length. He adds that the sand dams will be able to capture billions of liters of water that these trees will intake as they grow.

Pagiel next to a growing tree planted in the stream park

Once the 60 km road network is done all the storm water is planned to be directed to the streams and other environment stream plots that trees will be planted.

The environment department has already started planting trees in the stream plots. The trees planted form the DUT nursery include: Azadirachta iIdica-Neem, Delonix Regia-Flame, Jacaranda Mimosifolia, River acacia, Green bamboo, Syzigium cumin, Guava, Indian Ashok, Majidea, Indian walnut, Tamarindus Indica, Ficus Sycamores and others

Tree Planting at one of the 69 plots that will become Town Stream Parks

He said that their goal is to plant trees in the first 8 plots. Thereafter they will progressively plant trees in all the 69 plots. About 10,000 trees will be planted in the streams.

The environment department is also planting grass in the plots that once town settlement is achieved will be used for recreation. Pageil says that the plots will also be fitted with benches and sheds to become recreation parks. The town residents will use the parks as a place to come and relax and even have a barbecue with friends.

Example of a Developed Park in Worcester, MA City