Ndara B Community of Taita Taveta County through its Land Management Committee has made a proposal of having a Jobs Creation Investment and Incentives Bill of Taita Taveta County. Ndara B community who have partnered with Diaspora Kenyans in starting the Diaspora University Town project is currently looking to create over 20,000 jobs in the next 5 years. The jobs would meet the economic, social and children rights.

The Ndara B Community Land Management Committee in the proposal seeking the incentives and partnerships with the County Government state as follows, “We the Ndara B Community in establishing these partnerships do so with the consideration that every day the Community members contribute to the funding of the County Government through the national and county taxes and fees. That the resources put in the County should be applied toward advancing the environment, social, economic and children rights as recorded in the Kenya Constitution.”

Ronald Mwangombe (Right) and Avocate Onindo review the legal aspects of DUT & Ndara B that will support investments. 

Ronald Mwangombe who is spearheading the proposal says that, “The bill will enable jobs creation and persons getting income as the capital injected is put back into jobs creation.” He adds that the human resource and land resources of Ndara B Community are capable of creating the jobs.

Through the Diaspora University Town (DUT) project, Ndara B Community and Diaspora Kenyans have already started the $500 million remittances plan with the aim of having $500 million (2.5%) of $20 billion that will be remitted come to Taita Taveta County. Ronald says, “This incentives bill is part of pulling the Diaspora resource of money to our County.”

Ronald Mwangombe (Wearing Yellow Reflector) talks to Family Bank on building materials manufacturing

Ronald who is spearheading the industrialisation and jobs creation through Ndara B Community resources of land and members says that already 2,743 members of the community are planning to open 28 companies next to Diaspora University Town project in their 4,000 acres land.

He says, “The companies will supply building materials and other products.” He adds, “Kenya imports about Ksh 1.5 trillion an year. This is about Ksh 4 billion a day. In 5 years, we shall offer competition to the imports by creating the Ndara B industrial and farming town next to the Diaspora University Town.”

Other Bills the community is proposing to be passed include:  Water Bill, Housing and Settlement Bill, County Roads Bill, Sagalla Hills Marathon Bill and others.

Joshua Mwadeghu who was on the election ballot 2022 as a candidate for the job of county assembly representative says, “The primary job of county government is to create and pass bills that enable county residents to every day have food, clean water, healthcare and other economic, social, environment and children rights as recorded in the constitution. These bills will enable Kenyans to achieve their rights."

Joshua who is the founding Chairman of the Sagalla Hills Marathon adds, “The marathon will support the attainment of education, health and tourism.”

Ndara B Community land management committee is happy that the community welcomed Diaspora to their County. They now want the Governor to seize the opportunity and bring more resources.

Ronald says, “The Governor and county assembly representatives should take this opportunity created by the Ndara B Community and bring Diaspora Kenyans resources to Taita Taveta County. Through passing the Bills and marketing the incentives and investment opportunities created by the bills; the county can even have 200,000 new jobs created in the next 5 years as we make Taita Taveta the county of industrial companies.”