Diaspora University Town (DUT) will help over 3,000 Diaspora Kenyans relocate back to Kenya. The project of developing a university and a town was started by Diaspora Kenyans in Worcester, MA USA, is currently progressing in Taita Taveta County. Dan Kamau, the project director, is a former Diaspora Kenyan. Through diverse DUT plans, Diaspora Kenyans are creating their Kenya relocation plan.

(1) Diaspora University Plan

The plan is progressing to open Diaspora University. The university once open will progressively create about 750 jobs as the first class of four years enrolled progresses to graduation. Diaspora Kenyans scholars and PhD holders are joining as founders as they plan to relocate to Kenya. On coming to Kenya the Diaspora Kenyans will become the faculty and make income from Diaspora University. Other Diaspora will join as university staff.

https://dut.or.ke/university Dan Kamau WhatsApp +254 743 203 168 Email dan@dut.or.ke

(2) Diaspora Medical Hospital Plan

The plan will establish a medical hospital that will attain the same standards as a hospital in the U.S. Diaspora Kenyans in the healthcare field are becoming founders of this hospital. Some are planning to come work in the hospital as they relocate back to Kenya. As part of their relocation planning, the healthcare professionals look to achieve a hospital that can meet all their medical needs once they have relocated back to Kenya.

https://dut.or.ke/hospital Dan Kamau WhatsApp +254 743 203 168 Email dan@dut.or.ke

(3) Townhouse Development Plan

A person can develop four (4) townhouses at DUT. Diaspora Kenyans desiring to retire are using the Townhouse development plan as a way to achieve their retirement income. With a budgeted rental income of about Ksh 65,000 a month, a Diaspora Kenyan who develops 4 units and completes payment of all development costs will be able to live in one and have the other three provide income of about Ksh 200,000 every month as their retirement plan.

https://dut.or.ke/thd Dan Kamau WhatsApp +254 743 203 168 Email dan@dut.or.ke

(4) DUT Credit Ltd Plan

DUT Credit Ltd is a company started by Diaspora Kenyans and others. The company development plan is to progress to become a Diaspora bank. Diaspora Kenyans are looking at the opportunity to invest and get dividends income. They are taking shares of the company. As the company grows to reach a revenue of Ksh 10 billion and net profit of Ksh 2 billion each share will be earning Ksh 1,000. Diaspora Kenyans who look to achieve an income of Ksh 1 - 5 million a year are investing and taking 1000 - 5,000 shares.

https://dutcredit.co.ke/ Edson WhatsApp +254 +254-768-290099 Email edson@dutcredit.co.ke

(5) Daktari Biotechnology Ltd Plan

Daktari Biotechnology Ltd is a company started by Diaspora Kenyans scientists who are looking to open a medicine and vaccines production plant. The company is also looking to open pharmaceutical outlets across Kenyans. Diaspora Kenyans are investing in the company as well as planning their relocation back to Kenya through the company. Some of the Diaspora look to work in the offices and production plant. Others are looking to open one of the pharmaceutical outlets that will be in different parts of Kenya. The estimated earnings for a Ksh 200,000 investment as the company reaches Ksh 20 billion revenue and net profit of Ksh 6 billion is Ksh 150,000 . With ten investments, one can earn Ksh 1.5 million a year.

https://dktb.co.ke/ Edson WhatsApp +254 +254-768-290099 Email edson@dutcredit.co.ke

(6) DUT MSME Plan

About 300 micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) will be open at DUT. Diaspora Kenyans are looking to open an MSME at DUT as part of their relocation plan. With a GDP developed of Ksh 15 billion an MSME or organization can receive at least 5 million revenue or proceeds. After expenses a person can achieve an income of at least Ksh 2 million a year.

https://dut.or.ke/sme WhatsApp +254 743 203 168 Email dan@dut.or.ke