Diaspora Kenyans, Ndara B Community and partners are one track to open the Diaspora University in 2024 as they progress the university town development concept. The Diaspora University and Diaspora University Town plans adopt the university town concept that has created over 1000 university/college towns/cities in the U.S.  The development plans create the Diaspora University Town plan of a university, town, hospital and MSMEs.

The concept of University town derives from having a university and a town settlement to support the university. One of the examples is the University of Michigan and Ann Abhor City. The University of Michigan has 52,000 students, creates over 30,000 jobs and occupies about 3,000 acres in Ann Abhor city. The city occupies 75 Sq Km, about 19,000 acres and has about 123,000 population.

Diaspora University 30,000 students Plan

The Diaspora University plan will achieve a university that grows to about 5,000 students as the first class enrolled completes 4 years and graduates. Thereafter the university can grow to even 30,000 students and create over 10,000 jobs.

The jobs created at the university, the university medical hospital, the university amusement theme park, golf course, university stadium and other economic plans the university will advance. The university will occupy 400 acres in the 1,500 acres plan and 800 acres in the 3,000 acres plan.

Diaspora University Town 90,000 residents plan.

The Diaspora University Town of 1,500 acres has a plan of 3,778 plots. Over 4,000 buildings will be erected. The properties will be serviced by 60km of roads and infrastructure. The population will grow to about 25,000 residents as first class graduates and thereafter to about 45,000 when fully settled.  There will be about 500 MSMEs established.

The town's 3,000 acres plan is of 6.900 plots, 120 km road/infrastructure network, 1,000 MSMEs. 60,000 jobs and 90,000 residents.