Dan Kamau the Diaspora University Town (DUT) project director and Diaspora University Trust executive trustee lived in Worcester, MA before returning back to Kenya to start the DUT project. He says that as the DUT project progresses and develops a town, university, hospital, and diverse MSMEs are open in town, over 2000 Kenyans will return home through DYT. He answered a few questions.

How is DUT helping Kenyans return home?

Diaspora Kenyans after leaving Kenya and living abroad have lived in a developed system where systems work. For example when one falls critically sick in the U.S, one dials 911 and an ambulance comes.

DUT system was started by Diaspora to develop a town that can be like any university town in the U.S. There are about 1,000 university/college towns in the U.S.

Through creation of jobs DUT is helping Kenyans return home. I returned to work as DUT project director once we created this job.

The other way DUT will facilitate Diaspora Kenyans is through the town settlement where Diaspora Kenyans can build their retirement home in a town whose quality lifestyle is shaped by the diaspora.

DUT is also helping Kenyans return home through investments that make high returns. For example a Diaspora Kenyan who invests to become a townhouse developer can end up making a return that leads to them owning a house that they can live in and also make income from.

How many Kenyans will DUT help return home?

About 2000 Kenyans will return to Kenya through DUT. Right now this estimate is based on 300 Kenyans who will become faculty, administration staff and sports staff of Diaspora University; another 500 who shall join the Diaspora University Medical Hospital in different departments; 100, who shall work in the Town departments; 200 who shall join the Design Build Team; 700 who shall be part of MSMEs and about 200 who shall come to retire.

Can you give us one retirement Plan?

DUT property development system is the best plan to retire. Any person who can achieve more than two DUT townhouses and apartments can easily retire well. They can live in one unit and rent the other units to the university. The person can spend their day walking in the diverse trails and in the recreation parks in the town.