Dan Kamau the Diaspora University Town (DUT) project director and Diaspora University Trust executive trustee answered questions on the DUT System and how the DUT system will grow Kenya GDP.

What is the DUT system?

The DUT system is an economic integration sustainable plan that is centered on applying the human resource to meet the human being needs while sustaining the environment. For example when a person works for 40 hours a week their productivity and income should be able to meet their food, clean water, housing, healthcare, clean environment, children needs, entertainment needs and other needs.

Cabro manufacturing at DUT & Ndara B Community

How does the DUT system grow GDP?

The DUT system grows GDP by application of plans and systems that sustain humans and the environment. The DUT system is based on the systems and plans that grew the U.S GDP from $58 billion (1933) to the current $23 trillion. The DUT system applies the planning that a person working at least 40 hours a week to produce products and services should make income that gives them food, clothing, housing, healthcare, clean environment and other basic needs.

DUT Team working on roads plan.

How did the GDP of the U.S grow from $58 billion to $23 trillion?

The systems that anchor the growth of GDP can be summarized as three production systems and one consumption system.

The three production systems are land, human resource and money. The consumer is the human being.

The U.S GDP grew as the population grew for producing and consuming. The U.S people every day produce diverse products and services using the three production resources.

Thereafter the U.S people consume the products produced and also sell to the global market. For example when someone pays for air travel on a Boeing airplane they contribute to the GDP of the U.S.

Can Kenya GDP grow like that of the U.S?

Yes. Kenyans can apply their three resources of Land, humans and Kenya shillings to grow their GDP. Kenya GDP is valued at about $120 billion dollars. Kenyans can create plans like the DUT plan that can advance GDP growth to even surpass the $1 trillion mark in the next 10 years.

Tell us how the DUT plan will grow GDP?

The DUT plan will in the first 5 years grow the GDP of Kenya by Ksh 15 billion. The plan will create 15,000 jobs and establish a town with 25,000 residents.

The persons will work in diverse sectors like education, healthcare, environment quality, manufacturing, financial services and others.

The persons will consume housing, healthcare and other products/services at the Diaspora University Town. As they consume they will not only meet their daily needs, but will also grow Kenya GDP.