“WPI professors, led by former Dean of Business School Prof. Michael Ginzberg, have through their actions energized Diaspora Kenyans to open Diaspora University and develop Kenya,” says Dan Kamau the DUT project director. He adds, “To progress toward the Diaspora University opening, the former Dean set up 20 Monday meetings that started November. The third meeting was held last Monday, December 4th. The WPI professors putting their time is in itself a call to Diaspora Kenyans to achieve the Diaspora University.”

Dan at Diaspora University Site at building materials storage. 

Dan in what will happen in 2024 says that with Diaspora re-energized we will produce and accomplish. He references the quote of Al Edson who said. "Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration.” Dan says, “2024 will be the year of production and accomplishment.”


Talking about the 2024 work plan, Dan says the plan will produce the documents to be submitted to the Commission of University Education (CUE) the university accreditation body in Kenya. He adds, “These documents will include detailed Curricula of first 3 degrees that will be taught from 115 courses. 50 courses are from those submitted by Diaspora and Kenya Scholars. 65 Courses will come from WPI. Already a plan is in place for their production.”

Dan says the other production for 2024 will be the buildings, infrastructure and water. He says that as the university progresses to open, so will the construction progress. He says the plan is to produce 583 buildings: 3 university buildings, 574 townhouses and 4 MSMEs buildings.” He adds, “A capital of about Ksh 5 billion will be reflected in the Kenya banking system as 577 persons and entities are financed.

He points out that there are 3,778 plots and his goal is to have all the plots of Townhouses and MSMEs allocated to developers in 2024. He says, “So far we have 1,700 of the 3,500 plots of townhouses allocated. We have 40 of the 132 MSMEs allocated. 81 plots are allocated to Town developments. 5 allocated to university.”

The other production needed is a Digital and Physical Library with books, Journals and other material. Dan says that one of the university buildings will have a 600 Sqm space allocated to the library.

The other accomplishment will be a hospital with several medical units and diagnostic units that is able to provide medical services and products to the students, staff, Ndara B Community and the families that settle in Diaspora University Town. He says this is allocated 600 Sqm medical space and 425 office space.

Dan says, “As all the above are produced and accomplished, so will we produce and accomplish creating 3,000 jobs for those who shall work and produce the Diaspora University, the Town and the property." He adds that about 300 of those taking the jobs will relocate back to Kenya from the Diaspora.