The Diaspora University Town (DUT) smart town 25 ICT systems plan is an ongoing Information Communication Technology (ICT) initiative. The ICT experts who have become part of the founders of DUT have so far identified 25 ICT Systems and plans to implement. The following ICT systems and plans will be operated at the DUT Smart Town as the town grows to 15,000 residents, 5,000 Diaspora University students, and around 3,000 visitors every day.

1.  DUT Credit Ltd ICT System

The DUT Credit Ltd ICT system is set up in the DUT Credit Ltd Company. A company founded by Diaspora Kenyans, the Ndara B Community, and Kenyans. The system is currently keeping track of the capital investments into DUT. As DUT assets develop to Ksh 150 billion, through 3,778 properties and 300 MSMEs, the ICT system will show the capital inflow.

The system is also set up as a payment system that will record the payment of over 150 million hours of time input applied in the town, university and MSMEs development, maintenance and sustenance.

2. DUT Property Development, Sustenance and Transfer ICT System

The DUT property development and sustenance ICT system includes DUT 3,778 properties registration. The ICT will track property transfers and provide a secondary verification of the lawful owner at all times.

3. DUT Public Roads & Property Management ICT System (RPMS)

The roads and properties will be managed via the roads properties management system (RPMS.) The ICT technology will ensure a clean environment as well as enable owners who reside overseas to receive information of the 60 km roads/infrastructure and the 3.778 properties.

4. DUT Roads and Infrastructure Monitoring ICT System (ITS)

Roads, bridges, sewer lines, and other infrastructure will be monitored by an ICT system that includes reporting, inspection and maintenance.

5. DUT Water Supply and Management ICT System

The ICT system will record the water delivery to each residence via the tanks and pipe infrastructure. Each property that receives water will be able to receive a daily report on its water intake through the ICT system. The system may also be capable of efficiently monitoring and managing water resources, such as smart water metering and leak detection technology.

6. DUT Waste and Environment Management ICT System

The system will be able to give information on various waste disposal and collecting methods. The technology will connect the environment department to all properties and make it easy to provide environmental services.

7. DUT Residents Information and Participation ICT System

DUT residents will have easy access to information and will be able to participate in local decisions. Electronic voting on any public issue will be incorporated.

8. DUT Town Administration and Management ICT Systems

The ICT system will include revenue collection, town budgeting, and services. The systems incorporated will include computerized record-keeping, licensing, permits and other services.

9. DUT Road Use, Traffic Management ICT Systems (ITMS)

DUT has a 60-kilometer road network. Cars, boda boda, and other vehicles will apply this system. The Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) through ICT technology will manage traffic and be part of safe road use.

10. DUT Smart Transportation ICT System

Residents of DUT town will have numerous transit systems in place, including a bus system, vehicles and even boda boda riders. The smart transportation ICT system will enable residents to have access to transport services.

11. DUT Power and Energy ICT System

Power and energy product suppliers will be obliged to have ICT systems that offer information to households and allow residents to reach out during a power outage. Backup items will also be made available through the ICT system.

12. DUT Security, Safety and Emergency ICT System

The security, safety, and emergency ICT system will include CCTV, emergency calling/texting, and video capturing of suspicious behaviors by residents and sending it to the security system.

13. DUT Retail Shopping and Delivery ICT System

Those building up retail stores will provide the retail shopping and delivery system. A person will be able to buy while at home and have the things purchased delivered at the time specified.

14. DUT Diaspora University ICT Data Center

Diaspora University data center will assist data storage and processing for the town, institution, and MSMEs that will be formed within DUT.

15. DUT Diaspora University Medical Hospital ICT System

The medical hospital system will be able to address the patients' healthcare needs while respecting their privacy.

16. DUT Public Health ICT System

This ICT system will deliver public health information, as well as gather data from inhabitants on any health concerns and track illnesses.

17. DUT Children and Education Management ICT System

The system will aid in the realisation of children's rights as outlined in Kenya's Constitution: 53 (1) Every child has the right to: (b) free and compulsory basic education; (c) basic nutrition, shelter, and health care; and (d) protection from abuse, neglect, harmful cultural practises, all forms of violence, inhuman treatment and punishment, and hazardous or exploitative labour.

18. DUT Tourism, Entertainment and Recreation ICT Systems

ICT will be part of the DUT one million tourist plan. Visitors will be able to manage their travel, tours, stay and entertainment through the ICT system.

19. DUT Smart Agriculture and Food Supply ICT System

The technology will connect the Ndara B Community 14 farming enterprise and other agricultural firms to town residents, consumers. Residents of the town will be able to assess food quality and security using the ICT platform.

20. DUT Environmental Monitoring and Climate Control ICT System

The environment department's ICT system will be used to provide information that monitors and is applied to manage environmental aspects such as air quality, carbon emissions, trees, weather patterns, and other sustainability projects.

21. DUT Elderly Care and Community Support ICT System

The aged care ICT system will provide the elderly access to medical, nursing, social services, food and emergency support services as they age and reside at DUT.

22. DUT Disaster Management and response ICT System

DUT town will have a smart disaster management and response system to mitigate disasters, which will include an integrated system for disaster preparedness, early warning information, and information on the coordinated strategy in case of catastrophes.

23. DUT telemedicine ICT System

Daktari Biotechnology Ltd, which is establishing a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant as well as pharmaceutical outlets, is looking to establish a telemedicine system that will connect doctors, medicine, and nurses who administer the medicine to provide services to patients at home or even through remote patient monitoring.

24. DUT Smart Irrigation ICT System

Implement precision agriculture technologies, efficient water use, and crop health monitoring inside the town's agricultural spaces.

25.  DUT Town App

The DUT Town App will include all of the systems in one location.$500m