Diaspora University is established through an integration of sustainable systems and plans. The systems and plans make the human resource and land resources productive to meet persons social and economic needs while sustaining the environment. The seven economic plans integrated to Diaspora University are: Town Settlement Plan; Students University Education Plan; Medical Hospital Plan; Medicine and Vaccines Production Plan; Tourism plan, Building Materials Plan and the DUT Finance Plan.

(1) The Town Settlement Plan is a plan for development of a town with 7,000 properties, 30,000 residents and Kshs 20 billion ($200 million) GDP. The plan developer is Diaspora University. As Diaspora University develops the plan the university will grow its endowment as well as position itself as a university for advancing new town settlement.

Section of Diaspora University Town

(2) The Student’s University Education Plan is a non-profit economic plan that is the core plan of the university. The plan will enroll students from Kenya and the rest of the world. The plan will grow to reach 10,000 students. The plan is anchored on the Kenya constitution right to education 43. 1 (f) and Freedom of expression article 33. The plan further integrates to research and production systems of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

(3) The Medical Hospital Plan is a healthcare plan for advancing the healthcare rights of Kenyans. It is set up as a non-profit plan that will be implemented by the Diaspora University. The plan will meet the healthcare needs of town residents, students, tourists, county residents, Kenyans and even provide healthcare to residents of neighboring countries Having the medical hospital as part of the university system will enable the hospital and university grow hand in hand as the education and healthcare work hand and hand and meet each other needs.

Plan for Diaspora University Medical Hospital

(4) The Medicine and Vaccines Production Plan for producing medicines and vaccines integrates both to the Diaspora University education system and the Diaspora University Medical Hospital system. The plan will work with the university on research and education.


(5) The Tourism Plan integrates to the Diaspora University through project-based learning and marketing of the university. The plan will gradually grow the university endowment.

(6) The Building Materials Plan is a plan to have at least 20 building materials that will be applied in the building of the Diaspora University Town. The building materials plan will integrate with Diaspora University through the departments of engineering and business. The SMEs producing the building materials will be supported by the university and in return the SMEs will support the university growth and sustenance over the years.


(7) The DUT finance plan established through the DUT Credit Ltd. is progressing to become a bank. The plan is integrated to Diaspora University through having part of the endowment invested in the financial institution and the institution progressively growing the endowment. The financial institution will execute the endowment to be applied to provide loans to students who join Diaspora University.

The above seven integration plans will be part of growing the Diaspora University endowment to over Kshs 20 billion.