The three factors of production are human resource, land and money. The Diaspora Kenyans and Ndara B Community are on track to achieve the three resources for the development of Diaspora University Town plan on 1,500 acres and the Ndara B Community plan for setting up of 28 businesses of industrial and farming on 4,000 acres of land. They are looking for a bank interested to grow deposits by Ksh 50 billion as 20,000 jobs are created and $500 million remitted.

Family Bank Team at Diaspora University Town site. (Right) Dan Kamau DUT Project Director.

20,000 jobs

The two development plans will create 20,000 jobs in about 5 years. Ndara B Community goal is to have every adult member of the community, who is able to work, make an income every day. About 3,000 members of the Ndara B Community will take up the 20,000 jobs.

The 20,000 persons who take up the jobs will put in about 100 million hours of human resource. The persons will grow the deposits of the bank by about Ksh 15 billion.

Family Bank & Ndara B 28 Companies Executive Founders at DUT Material Production training site.

$500 Million Remittances From Diaspora Kenyans

The Diaspora Kenyans are on track to remit $20 billion in 5 years having crossed the $4 billion mark. The Diaspora Kenyans advancing the project look to influence the thinking of other Diaspora with a goal to have $500 million (2.5%) of the anticipated $20 billion be applied in development of DUT. The amount will be reflected in the DUT project as property and MSMEs. The amount will also be reflected as deposits and loans in the bank.

DUT Environment Department - Tree Nursery.

Ksh 50 Billion Deposits & Ksh 45 billion Loans.

The project through the 20,000 jobs (100 million hours human resource) and the $500 million Diaspora remittance plan will create Ksh 50 billion deposits. The Diaspora Kenyans, Ndara B Community and those getting the 20,000 jobs will gradually deposit the money. They will also get individual loans for the properties and business loans for the MSMEs they open.

Ronald Mwangombe explains of Jennifer Chege of Diaspora Banking on the manufacturing of hollow blocks.

Ksh 100 New Wealth

New wealth of about Ksh 100 billion will be created as 25,000 persons settle in the Diaspora University Town (DUT). The Diaspora University with 5,000 students will hold the biggest wealth of about Ksh 30 billion. The rest of the wealth, held by individuals through property and MSMEs.