Taita Taveta County Governor Andrew Mwadime held a meeting with Dr. Wilson Endege the founder of Daktari Biotechnology Ltd who is also the Chairman of Diaspora University Trust, Dan Kamau Diaspora University Town (DUT) Executive Trustee and Project Director, Eng. Hezekiah Mwalwala of Vacani Resort, and Joshua Mwadeghu of Ndara B Community.

Dr. Endege introduced the Daktari Biotechnology medicine and vaccines plan Diaspora scientists are progressing. He said, “This plan is for producing various medicines and vaccines here in Kenya.” He said the medicines and vaccines development are ongoing in the U.S where the founding scientists are located. He added, “Kenyans and other investors will build the facility.”

Gov. Mwadime said he welcomes the project and the Diaspora University Town project. He said the budget derived from payment of taxes does not have much money left for investment. He said that his goal is to have investors play a role in the development of Taita Taveta and the creation of jobs.

Dr. Endege pointed out that the diaspora Kenyans can partner with the County.  He said, “Diaspora last year remitted Kshs 500 billion to Kenya. In the next 5 years the Diaspora will remit over Kshs 2 trillion. 1% of about 20 billion can come to Taita Taveta County to develop the County and create jobs.”

The scientist from Boston, MA who spent many years researching at Harvard University and in the Pharmaceutical sector in Boston gave the Governor the Daktari Biotechnology Ltd. Medicine & Vaccine Plan booklet.

The booklet gave the information of the founders, their goals through the company; the founders technologies that will be applied in medicine and vaccines production; the land allocated at Diaspora University Town; the design of the medicine vaccine plant building, the integration with the Diaspora University, Hospital and Town; the medicine and vaccines to be produced showing the technology to be applied; Kshs 20 billion sales revenue plan and the jobs plan.

Pointing out his co-founder Dr. Benson Edagwa’s achievements he said, “The Diaspora Kenyans biggest resource is not money; it is the intellect that they can bring home to Kenya,” He informed Governor Mwadime that the Diaspora Kenyans are ready to work with his Government so that the devolution envisioned by Kenyans can work.

To achieve the partnership with the Diaspora Kenyans, Dr. Endege said that several bills will need to be passed so the interests of investors and the residents of Taita Taveta County are met. Two bills that could get this started were introduced.

The first bill is the Diaspora Investment Bill. The bill would give incentives to Diaspora Kenyans to invest in the County. The incentives tied to jobs creation.

The second bill was the property, housing, building and settlement bill. The bill would enable investments in property and buildings that support job’s creation to be done the right way.

Kenya Constitution 43 (1) states “A person has the right to (b) to accessible and adequate housing, and to reasonable standards of sanitation.” Article 42 states, “Every person has the right  to a clean and healthy environment.” The bill would enable attainment of these rights and other rights in the Bill of Rights.

The Governor with the consideration of the opportunity asked that a meeting be organized and all elected leaders in Taita Taveta County be invited. He asked Dr. Endege, Diaspora University Town and Ndara B Community to continue progressing their projects forward. On the Water, The Governor said he is working on this.

To fast track the bills establishment and to ensure that laws are strictly followed, the Governor asked that the Diaspora University Town (DUT) team engage the County Attorney. He said he will do his part so jobs are created to benefit the county residents.