The statement, “Make Kshs 1 billion as a property developer,” may sound impossible.  However, a few Kenyans can tap into their entrepreneurial spirit and set individual goals, to make Kshs 1 billion as a property developer, and be part of those who develop property to eradicate slums in Kenya.

Kenya has a property deficit of about 3 million housing units. This is reflected by the slums and poor housing across the cities, towns and settlements in Kenya. Kenya's population is growing by over 1.2 million a year. This growth creates a housing need of about 300,000 housing units a year. In 10 years, this is about 3 million housing units.

Six (6) million housing units need to be developed in the next 10 years. At an average developer sale price or valuation of Kshs 5 million per unit, this is a property development opportunity of Kshs 30 trillion.

At a property developer’s income of 20%, this is a property developer's income opportunity of Kshs 6 trillion. This is the, "Make Kshs 1 billion as a property developer," opportunity.

Jobs Creation and Property Development using GDP Growth Systems

Job creation using GDP growth systems is the key to making the Kshs 1 billion as a property developer. Kenyan migration to the U.S resulted from jobs creation as U.S GDP grew from $5.3 trillion in 1988 to the current $23 trillion in 2022.

The U.S population grew from 240 million in 1988 to the current 340 million in 2022. The U.S. property developers organized the building of millions of housing units to meet the housing requirements for the 100 million population growth from birth and migration to the U.S.

Over 1,000 billionaires in China are part of those that have contributed to the growth of China GDP from $1.2 trillion in 2000 to $15 trillion in 2022. Their role in growing China GDP is reflected in their wealth valued in the billions.

Kenya GDP is currently at about $110 billion. Kenyans can grow the GDP using GDP growth systems for jobs creation and property development to surpass the $500 million mark.

DUT GDP Growth System for Jobs Creation and Houses Development

Diaspora University Town development Plan for Jobs Creation & Houses Development

The Diaspora University Town (DUT) GDP growth system of jobs creation and houses development is a system developed over many years. The system incorporates many of the systems that progressed the U.S GDP growth to reach $23 trillion.

The system is established and implemented through the Diaspora University Town (DUT) project. Today the project is progressing to create 20,000 jobs and develop 6,000 houses. The system will grow Kenya GDP by Kshs 20 billion as those getting the 20,000 jobs live in the 6,000 houses developed.

The DUT system will thereafter progressively create over 500,000 new jobs and develop over 300,000 units as it advances Kenya GDP growth by over Kshs 600 billion. The 300,000 properties will be developed in about 200 towns and cities across Kenya 47 counties.

At an average property developer income of Kshs 1 million per unit; the 300,000 units will collectively make Kshs 300 billion property developer income for the DUT property developers.

Using the DUT jobs creation and property developer system, a Kenyan in the Diaspora or in Kenya can become a property developer and have the opportunity to make Kshs 1 billion as a property developer.


In 10 years, a property developer can through the DUT system develop 1,000 units of the 300,000 units. The developer can progressively sell 800 units to those getting the 500,000 jobs created in the different locations and at the end of 10 years own 200 units (20%) as developer income.

200 units at an average valuation of 5 million per unit would be property valued at Kshs 1 billion. One would have made Kshs 1 billion as a property developer.

The DUT system includes DUT Credit Ltd. that will progressively facilitate property developers using the DUT system with credit products, and capital management services.  

(Dan Kamau, formerly of Worcester, MA, is the Diaspora University Trust – Executive Trustee and a Director in DUT Credit Ltd  Dan can be reached via Email )