Dr. Wilson Endege the founder of Daktari Biotechnology Ltd has launched an investment call into the company for Ksh 2 billion put in through 10,000 investments of Ksh 200,000 by end of April 2024. He is holding two meetings every Saturday and Sunday at 5 pm both East and Pacific Time. The Ksh 2 billion will be applied to build and equip a medicine and vaccine production plant built at Diaspora University Town. As company grows to reach revenues of Ksh 20 billion and profits of Ksh 6 billion, the Ksh 200,000 will make a return of Ksh 150,000. The Ksh 200,000 investment valuation will grow to Ksh 1.5 million.


Who is Dr. Wilson Endege?

Dr. Endege left Kenya in the 90’s and joined Harvard University in Cambridge, MA USA. He has worked in the Academia-Biotech-Pharmaceutical industry in the U.S at The Harvard Institute of Proteomics of Harvard University Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital-Partners HealthCare, Chiron Diagnostics Inc., Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc., and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals. His research in cancer biomarkers, therapeutic targets and drug discovery has resulted in 5 patents issued.


Four plans/resources that will capitalize the company

  1. Technology and Products development by founding Scientists;
  2. Diaspora University Town Sustainable Medicine Production and Finance Plan from Diaspora University Trust that includes land, capital and sustenance plans that integrate the company to Diaspora University.
  3. Building and equipment plan that is budgeted at Ksh 2 billion and will be put in as 10,000 Investments of Ksh 200,000.
  4. Raw materials, supplies and production plan that will be met by investments, retained profits and financial loans.

Medicine and Vaccines Technologies

  1. Bacmam & Baculovirus Expression Technology that was developed by Dr. Frederick Boyce and Dr. Wilson Endege. The Technology combines optimized expression vectors and mammalian cell lines for protein production.
  2. Laser Art Technology, A co-invention of Prof. Benson Edagwa and others. Long-Acting Slow Effective Release Antiretroviral Therapy (LASERART) is a technology with potential for a once every year dosing interval for treatment and prevention of HIV-1 and other viral infections as well as other diseases.

Technologies Application in over 30 Medicines and Vaccines Production

  1. Bacmam & BEV technology will produce: Insulin for Diabetes produced by; Erythropoietin for Anemia, Cancer and Kidney failure; Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) for Infertility; Streptokinase for Stroke; Interferons α, β, γ for Multiple Sclerosis, Anti-viral infection, Cancer & other treatments; nCovid-19 vaccine for COVID; Ebola Vaccine; Yellow Fever vaccine and others.
  2. LaserArt technology will producetions were presented as: nCovid-19, Hepatitis-B Vaccine. Cervical Cancer-HPV Vaccine; HIV, Small Molecule; TB, Small molecule; Hepatitis, Small molecule; Opioids & Drug addiction, Small molecule; and others

Daktari Biotechnology Ltd goals:

  1. Improving Africa’s Healthcare standards by producing and availing sufficient quality medicines and vaccines for the 1.4 billion people and growing
  2. Increasing Africa Life expectancy from 65 years to over 75 years by reducing deaths associated with lack of medicines and vaccines
  3. Advance Medicines and Vaccines Research and Education.
  4. Creating thousands of good paying Jobs.
  5. Growing Kenya/Africa GDP.

Medicines and Vaccines Land and Facility Plan

The Medicine and Vaccine facility Plan is planned to occupy an 11 acres plot at the Diaspora University Town. The Building Design is by Architect David Ogoli. The building planned is a three (3) level design of 3,600 square meters that incorporates the design and equipment fitting. He said those investing can do so through the DUT Credit Ltd. loan and put in Ksh 4,449 (about $30) for 60 months. Once Daktari Biotechnology has all the 10,000 investments taken, the Company will get finance and build the plant.


U.S Bio-Pharmaceutical Market

The U.S bio-pharmaceutical industry is over $625 billion and accounts for about 3% of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) of $27 billion. In 2022 Nine (9) top Pharmaceutical companies had revenue of $447 Billion (Over Ksh 50 Trillion). Kenya industry is about $6 billion for 50 million people. This market will grow as GDP grows.  

Daktari Biotechnology Return

Daktari Biotechnology Ltd goal is to achieve 1,000 jobs creation. The jobs created at the plant and over 100 pharmaceutical outlets. The revenue goal is to reach Ksh 20 billion with 30%, about Ksh 6 billion, as the return for the capital investors. The company valuation based on Ksh 20 revenue and Ksh 6 billion net profit would be about Ksh 60 billion.

The investment of Ksh 200,000 would at this point be making Ksh 150,000 from the Ksh 6 billion profit as dividend. The investment of Ksh 200,000 would have a valuation of Ksh 1.5 million in the Ksh 60 billion vaulation.


Who should investment?

  1. Doctors who prescribe Medicine & Vaccines.
  2. Nurses (RNs & LPNs) who administer medicine.
  3. Diaspora Kenyans looking to retire in Kenya and want the investment to provide both medicine and the income to buy the medicine.
  4. Kenyans who want to advance Medicine and Vaccine Production and create jobs.
  5. Persons who are investing to make a return.