“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” DUT workers in Voi, Ndara B 28 Companies Founders, and Ndara B Community land management committee held a meeting on Friday, 15th December for achieving Diaspora University. The DUT 2024 Diaspora University opening plan was discussed. The Diaspora Kenyans zoom meeting held on Saturday 16th December also adopted the 2024 plan to open the Diaspora University as follows:

DU Trust Endowment, WPI Plan, 110 Degree Courses, & 250 Faculty/Staff Jobs

Diaspora University Trust, Diaspora Kenyans Scholars, and WPI professors will in 2024 establish Diaspora University academic plans through the Diaspora University Trust endowment, WPI plan, WPI courses and Diaspora Courses. The first three degree programs to be offered are: Civil Engineering, Business & Biotechnology. The 3 degrees will be offered from 110 courses. The courses will be completed and submitted to the Commission of University Education (CUE) by May 2024. 50 courses from Diaspora Scholars and 60 Courses from WPI.

About 250 faculty/staff will be in place to open the University and the University medical hospital. About 100 persons will be Diaspora Kenyans.


Town Development, Buildings and Infrastructure Construction, & 2,000 Jobs

The town property and system development is headed by Dan Kamau, the Diaspora University Trust Executive Trustee. The Design-Build team includes: Prof. David Ogoli, Rose Dama, Barnabas Mwandembo, Joseph Mwandairo, Peter Keke and others. The town development and design-build 2024 plan is for completing 12 Km roads and infrastructure; 3 University Buildings; 574 Townhouses; 6 other buildings and Water tanks. The estimated production budget is at Ksh 4.5 billion. About two-thirds of the budget will be applied toward building materials.

2,000 Jobs will be created by the town and design –build plans. About 100 professionals will be persons returning from the Diaspora.

Ndara B 28 Companies & 2,000 Jobs.

The plan is headed by Ronald Mwangombe and incorporates 28 executive founders of 28 companies. The plan has 28 land allocations and starting capital from Diaspora University Trust.  Each of the 14 industrial plans is allocated about 16 products. In 2024 the industrial companies goal is to produce and supply over Ksh 1.5 billion of the Ksh 4.5 billion budget. The Industrial companies will create about 1,500 jobs and another 500 jobs of farming.


The plan headed by Lucy Malemba includes pumping water from the Voi River; buying water boozers; 5 Boreholes drilling and installation of tanks; Expansion of Mughe dam to 100 acres. By the end of 2024 will have reached a 200,000 liters a day supply of clean water to Diaspora University Town (DUT) and the 28 Ndara B industrial and farming companies.


Diaspora Kenyans Investments & Jobs

The Diaspora Kenyans plan is one that will lead to 3,000 jobs creation as the university is open and about 50 MSMEs established to collaborate and support the university needs. Diaspora Kenyans are expected to invest in the development of 1,700 units of Town houses through the DUT-THIDA system.

The Diaspora Kenyans are invited to invest in shares of Daktari Biotechnology Ltd, a Medicine and Vaccine Company; DUT Credit Ltd, a financial company; and in opening MSMEs at DUT.


DUT Credit Ltd. Loans and Payments

The company started by Diaspora University Trust, Diaspora Kenyans, Ndara B Community and Kenyans is a financial institution that supports investments toward job creations. The team led by Edson Murimi, in 2024, looks to issue loans of over Ksh 9 billion. The loans to be issued were about 1,500 DUT Townhouse developer loans of Ksh 1.17 billion; 5,000 Daktari Biotechnology investment loans of about Ksh 1.9 billion, 100 MSME loans of about Ksh 1 billion and 580 property loans of about Ksh 5 billion.

His team also looks to grow the share capital and have the banking deposit taking license issued.


Daktari Biotechnology Ltd. Medicine and Vaccine

Headed by Dr. Wilson Endege of Boston, MA; the company goal is to have the 3,600 sqm plant construction started in 2024. The scientists who are also founding the Diaspora University Biology and Biotechnology Department will continue the laboratory work in the U.S. The company will open the pharmacies at Diaspora University hospital and town.


Diaspora University Town MSMEs

132 plots of the 3,778 plots are allocated to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). 38 individuals/Companies/Groups have expressed interest to open an MSME and build in at least one plot. The MSMEs will work hand in hand with the departments of Diaspora University. The MSMEs will create thousands of jobs.