Diaspora University Town (DUT) 2023 Plan was presented by Dan Kamau, from the DUT offices in Voi, Kenya. Dan is formerly of Worcester, MA. As he welcomed the year 2023 he said, “2023 is a production year. 1000 Diaspora Kenyans will in 2023 start the 1000 developers, 1000 townhouses, Kshs 7 billion plan. The 2023 plan will lead to 3,000 jobs created, 4,000 residents town established, and Diaspora University open to take the first class of 1000 students joining in January 2024.

The below 10 Plans to be implemented in 2023 were presented.


Dan presenting the plan made the followings remarks:

The 400 developers by December 2022 can grow the numbers to 1000, to achieve this plan by the end of January 2023. The plan will be achieved once Kshs 7 billion is reflected in the Diaspora University Trust bank statements.

Once we get 600 new persons to reach the 1000 Developers number, a bank will avail Kshs 500 million as loans of 60 months to the developers at a monthly loan repayment of about $100 / Kshs 12,000 a month.

Based on the 1000 developers a loan of Kshs 6.5 billion will be issued to Diaspora University Trust for the 1000 townhouses building. The houses will be complete in 2 years.

The Kshs 7 billion will become 1000 townhouses mortgages issued to the townhouse developer or the townhouse buyer after houses are complete.

Any Kenya Bank can finance the townhouse mortgages. Cooperative Bank, the third largest bank in Kenya visited the DUT site last year. ABSA, the fifth largest bank visited the DUT site this week.

The 1000 townhouses will meet the housing needs of those taking up the 3,000 jobs created. This is in accordance with Kenya Constitution 43, “Every person has a right to accessible and adequate housing with reasonable sanitation.”

The Kshs 7 billion will be part of growing the Kenya banking deposits and loan advances projected to grow by over Kshs 500 billion in the next two years.

The plan gives opportunity to 1000 Diaspora Kenyans to be part of the economic development in Kenya through the Kshs 7 billion loan credit.

The plan as part of the 3,000 jobs creation makes the 1000 Diaspora Kenyans who commit to put in $100/£75 a month creators of three (3) jobs each, a total of 3000 jobs.

Mary Wainaina of New Jersey has sent a list of 5 persons as shown in the picture. By 15th January let us each send their list.

The person who brings in the most developers will have an award.


The remarks on status and developments of the Plan 2023 were:

Diaspora University Endowment will grow to Kshs 6 billion once Kshs 7 billion loans issued and Kshs 5 billion property added in DUT. The endowment growth from Special Economic Zone (SEZ) license, County Government Incentives and development plans.

The letter of Interim Authority (LIA) issued by Commission of University Education (CUE) will be applied for once ground break of the university buildings. The target is to have the letter issued by November 2023. All other documents will be updated and ready for submission.

The university academic and administration plans that will be applied in 4 Years (2024-2027) will be completed by the Diaspora University Founders and WPI Scholars. The first meeting of 2023 between DUT and Prof. Michael Ginzberg PhD, WPI Business School Dean Emeritus was held on 3rd January 2023.

Three (3) Buildings will be constructed and completed.  The buildings will have classrooms, offices and facilities for faculty and students.

The first class of students will consist of 200 students from Taita Taveta County, 10 from each of the 20 Taita Taveta wards. Another 800 students will be enrolled from Kenya and the global market.

100 of the completed Townhouses will be applied as Students housing in 2024.

Kshs 750 million from the Kshs 6 billion endowment will be put in the Students Finance Fund. Students and the university 2024 budget will be financed.

150 Jobs, 50 faculty and 100 staff, will be created and financed by the Kshs 750 million budget.

About 50 persons from the Diaspora returning to Kenya will take some of the jobs. The 50 persons will have to be part of the 1000 townhouse developers.

100 Townhouses will be allocated toward the faculty and staff.

The Architects will by 2023 complete the building drawings and approvals for 2024 Construction. The buildings shall be funded from the Kshs 6 billion endowment budget.


Remarks on the 2023 Town development plan.

Every town and city the Diaspora Kenyans live in has a management plan accountable to be residents.

4,000 residents will be living in the university town by the end of 2023. 50% will be children below 18 years and the elderly over 65 years. The other 50% will be the working adults aged 18 – 65 years.

Nine (9) Departments of town management will be operational: The departments are: development and management; environment; security; property management; water; finance and budgets; Marketing; Supplies and Transportation.

The year 2 budget plan of Kshs 165 Million in year two will be established.

An environment management building of 1,200 SQM will be completed and managing the environment of the town in accordance with Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA). An Environment Management Monitoring Report of 2023 will be written.

300 Jobs will be created. The workers allocated 16 offices on one floor of the University Building. Other offices will be in the Design Build warehouses.

50 Townhouses will be allocated to the Town workers.

Drawings and Approvals for 2024 Construction of 10,000 SQM will be completed. The Trust will build the buildings in the plots allocated. The buildings plans: town hall, fire station, security offices and others.


The 2023 plan was presented through the below remarks:

The DUT Program set up through Human Resource (HR) and DUT Credit Ltd will continue. Every hour input into DUT jobs will generate Kshs 25/Hour for the collective healthcare right and system of the town residents and students. The first year budget will be about Kshs 50,000,000.

A 120 SQM clinic will be set up. The clinic will support the healthcare needs of persons working and settling at DUT.

A mental health home of about 4 patients will be open by the budget and townhouse allocated.

The temporary hospital allocated 600 SQM in the university building will be open once the building is complete. The hospital staff as part of the hospital and the university faculty will be allocated 16 offices adjacent to the 600 SQM.

150 Jobs will be created with most jobs created during the month of December as the temporary hospital opens. About 50 jobs will be taken by Diaspora Kenyans returning to Kenya to implement the plan.

75 Townhouses will be used by this plan.

The Year 2 Operational Budget Plan of Kshs 250 million will be ready.

Drawings and Approvals for Hospital 1st Building of 25,000 SQM will be completed. The DU Trust will have finance arranged.


The 2023 plan was presented as follows:

The ongoing plan is supported by the Diaspora University Trust through investments of land and medicine and vaccines revenue plan of Kshs 2 billion integrated to the Diaspora University medical hospital plan.

Daktari Biotechnology ltd. plans and systems will be all open and licenses issued.

Medicine Sales to Diaspora University Medical Hospital Plan and first pharmacy established.

Building & Equipment Capital plan of Ksh 2 Billion completed as per ongoing investment plan.

The 3,600 SQM building construction target is to start by March 2023.

100 Jobs of Scientists and Support Staff created.

25 Townhouses allocated to the Medicine & Vaccine workers

Year 2. Revenue Budget Plan of Kshs 100 million completed.

Drawings & Approvals for other buildings to be added in the 11 acres completed.

Pharmacies allocated MSMEs plots for building 2024 building plans completed.


The 2023 plan was presented as follows:

DUT Credit is looking forward to getting its Deposit Taking License from Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).

DUT Credit has offices set up in Voi and will set up at the site once first buildings complete.

By end of 2023 DUT Credit plan goal is to grow its Share Capital and Retained Earnings past the Kshs 1.25 billion.

Once license is issued the plan is to grow deposits to Kshs 5 billion and loan advances to Kshs 5 billion.

DUT will issue some of the townhouses loan mortgages.

The revenue target 2023 is Kshs 100 Million.

DUT Credit Ltd workers would grow to 40 Workers.

20 Townhouses at DUT would be allocated to DUT Credit workers.

Drawings and Approvals for DUT Credit Building of about 3,600 SQM to be built on the 12 acre plot allocated will be complete and approved.


The 2023 plan was presented as follows:

All systems of the Design – Build Company and Contractors progressively put in place in 2023.

The target is the DB 12 warehouses and Material management building to be completed by March. The 17,800 SQM built space setup DB Systems.

The DB material Plan of about 20 million units in 2023 is by the 15 MSMEs and Kenya Suppliers.

Townhouses Production Systems of 20 Unit through 9 Departments will be implemented to produce 580 Townhouses in the first year.

1,600 Jobs for DB Professionals, DB Skilled labor and unskilled labor will be created by DB Plan.

200 Townhouses will be allocated to Design – Build workers

Year 2. Design Build plan of 1,200 units Drawings & Approvals will be complete.


The 2023 plan remarks were as follows:

15 Companies, One (1) DUT Co. and 14 Ndara B community companies are progressing to set up.

The 15 companies will produce and supply building materials. Material supply is very crucial for the success of any building project.

DUT Materials Co will set up in plot allocated and diverse temporary places.

The 14 Ndara B community industrial companies will set up in the 4040 acres land next to DUT land.

From the Kshs 5 Billion design-build budget, about Kshs 1.5 billion will buy materials from the 15 companies.

About 1,000 Jobs will be created by the 15 companies.

25 Townhouses will be allocated to the plan.


The 2023 MSMEs plans were presented as follows:

The MSMEs plans and listing are started. Examples: (i) Water Supply by DUT and Ndara B Community; (ii) Technical High School by DUT (iii) Church by Bishop Mwawasi; (iv) Basic Education (Primary/Secondary) School by Dr. Shompole; (v) Petrol Station by Dr. Shompole.

Consideration of funding based on the list of townhouse developers brought in shall be considered when allocating MSMEs.

800 Jobs will be created as 50 MSMEs start operations at DUT in 2023

100 Townhouses will be used by those setting and getting MSMEs jobs.

Persons desiring to open MSME can list and start the process of building drawing.

Trust will facilitate the building finance.


The 2023 plan was captured in the following remarks:

Tourism plan target is 1,000 Tourists through Sagalla Hills Marathon 2023 and a Diaspora University Town Developers Conference 2023.

The 100 townhouses allocated to students will be available to support the SH marathon and DUT conference in December 2023.

The Diaspora University recreation park of 105 acres, design, be completed in 2023. The park is designed to incorporate water slides, entertainment rides, swimming pools and a 1000 plus room’s hotel to support tourism.