As Diaspora Kenyans, Ndara B Community and Partners progress the development of Diaspora University Town they are also working on the SGR Train and DUT Connections. The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) was recently opened in June 2017.The railway has the Voi Station that is about 8 miles away from Diaspora University Town (DUT) site. As DUT development progresses, DUT shall use the SGR for travel and transportation.

Building Supplies Transportation

The first transportation that DUT looks to apply the SGR in is the supplies delivery. As the Diaspora University Town production of property grows so will the increase in supplies from industries in Kenya. The current estimate is that at the peak of the DUT development the project will be receiving 20 containers of supplies from Nairobi and Mombasa industries.

Students Travel

Once the University opens the SGR train will be ferrying students when coming to the university and after the school semester breaks.

SMEs Products Transportation

DUT when working with Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) founders will empower looks to the connection in the manufactured goods. DUT plan will support the growth of Small Medium Enterprises in Taita Taveta County. Estimates are that within no time a train will be leaving from Voi to Nairobi with at least 20 containers of manufactured goods every day that will be sold to Nairobi and other Kenya markets.

Tourism Travel

The DUT plan is targeting to reach a tourism of more than 1,000 persons a day coming into Taita Taveta from all over the world. The SGR, as a safe and secure travel system will support the tourism sector as the tourists travel through the railway line to Voi Town.

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