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DUT Ksh 44.5 Billion Mortgages

Dan Kamau the Diaspora University Town (DUT) project director and Diaspora University Trust executive trustee answered questions on the Ksh 44.5 billion mortgages of townhouses, apartments and other buildings. What is a mortgage? A mortgage is a loan given by a financial institution for the purchase of a building

DUT $100 Million Finance

Dan Kamau, the Diaspora University Town Project Director and Diaspora University Trust Executive Trustee, answered a few questions on the Diaspora University Town project and the $100 million finance the project is seeking. Can DUT take up a finance of $100 million and repay the finance back plus interest? The

The Diaspora Bank

Diaspora Kenyans developers of the Diaspora University Town continue to progress DUT Credit Ltd in Kenya to become the Diaspora Bank. The financial institution is currently implementing the Diaspora University Town (DUT) finance plan. This is a plan that is expected to grow Kenya's banking sector by Kshs 100 billion

Money Resource to Meet Economic, Social & Environment Rights

For Kenyans to meet their economic, social and environmental rights they created the money resource through the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). Today millions of Kenyans are not meeting their constitutional rights of food, housing, healthcare, clean environment and others. Money resource established in accordance with Kenya Constitution 231 is

DUT Diaspora Kenyans Eye $500 Million DFC Finance?

The U.S International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) in its website writes, “We're financing solutions to the most critical challenges facing the developing world today. We offer direct loans and guaranties of up to $1 billion for tenors as long as 25 years, with specific programs targeting small and medium

How Mortgage Will Fund Property Development & Home Ownership in DUT

A mortgage is a loan that is advanced to a borrower to purchase a property. The property serves as collateral of the loan. The primary financiers of mortgages are the banks and financial institutions in a town or city. The secondary financiers are mortgage refinance companies that the primary financiers

Why Kenya GDP Per-Capita is at $2,200 & U.S GDP Per Capita is at $68,000

Kenya's population is today estimated at about 52 million. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at $107 billion. The GDP Per Capita income is calculated by dividing GDP by population. Kenya GDP Per Capita income is about $2,200. The USA population is estimated at about 330 million. The GDP at
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