At the Diaspora University Town signboard Diaspora Kenyans talked about the job’s creation project. Dan Kamau formerly of Massachusetts said, “Thousands of Kenyans living in the Diaspora left Kenya for higher Education and Jobs opportunity. Most of the Diaspora Kenyans live in the 1,000 College/University Towns that have thousands of jobs created.”

Dr. Philip Mwalali who lives in Durham, NC said that one of the biggest jobs creation sectors in the U.S. is the Medical Hospital System.  Illustrating on the jobs creation he compared Diaspora University Town project that has a university and medical hospital to Durham and said, “The universities that combine Education and Healthcare have created thousands of Jobs. Duke university and medical system has created over 40,000 jobs.”

The Diaspora Kenyans said the DUT Jobs Creation University Town Development Project by Ndara B Community, Diaspora Kenyans and Partners will benefit thousands of young men and women with jobs that meet the rights of food, housing, healthcare, education, children rights and others.

The said that the jobs will be created as a Town, a University, a Hospital, a Medicine Vaccine Plant, Manufacturing Industries and New Businesses are developed.

Dr. Patrick Shompole a scientist who lives in Washington State in Pullman that is also a university city with the largest job creator and employer as Washington State University talked on the medicine and vaccine plant.

He said, “Today 10 Diaspora Scientists and growing are working on the Medicines and Vaccines to produce medicines and vaccines in Kenya. The plant will create hundreds of Jobs for many years to come.”

He added that the plant, once open, will work closely with the Diaspora University Departments of Biotechnology, Chemistry, Medicine, Health Sciences, Animal Sciences, and others.

Dr. Shompole also called on the President to support such projects that are geared to create jobs.

In 2014 President Uhuru Kenyatta when at Boston invited Kenyans to create jobs. Diaspora University Town project is on track to create thousands of jobs.

Dr. Mwalali pointed out that about 50% of the Diaspora Kenyans living in the U.S work in healthcare sector. He said, “We the Kenyans are ready to expand the Healthcare in Kenya. The Diaspora University and the Diaspora University Medical Hospital started here will create thousands of Jobs”

The Diaspora Kenyans thanked the Ndara B Community for becoming founders of the project to create Jobs for themselves. They said that once well-established systems and plans are established the community and Taita Taveta residents needs of healthcare, food, housing, and other needs.

The Diaspora Kenyans informed the community that this model of jobs creation will then spread to other counties. “Let’s all create Jobs for the young men and women. It is our duty,” said Dr. Mwalali.