Diaspora University Medical Hospital Plan is a plan for establishing a hospital that will meet the medical and healthcare needs of Diaspora University Town (DUT) residents, Diaspora University students, Taita Taveta County residents, Kenyans and tourists visiting Kenya.

Dan Kamau, the Diaspora University Trust, Executive Trustee and Diaspora University Town project director says, “The Diaspora University Medical Hospital plan is a non-profit plan that will gradually be developed to reach a yearly budget of Kshs 5 billion.”

Through the Diaspora University Town (DUT) website hospital page Dan explains the medical hospital plan as a plan of over 60 medical, health, operational and support services plans. He adds that the plan incorporates medical departments, clinics, professionals, and support services. He says, “Each department, clinic or service will have a budget allocation from the Kshs 5 billion budget.”

Scrolling down the DUT Hospital page Dan shows us the team of Diaspora Kenyans who are the developers and founders of the medical hospital plan. He says, “These professionals write the plans based on their expertise.”

He opens the page of Bui Thuo, a registered nurse (RN) in California and holder of a Master of Sciences degree in Nursing. He says, “Bui has worked in the ICU department in diverse hospitals in the U.S for many years. She is establishing the ICU plan.”

On what Bui has done and continues to do, Dan explains that Bui when establishing the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) plan has come up with the unit design, the number of ICU beds, the operational system, the equipment, the supplies plan, the staffing plan, the biohazard plan and the integration to other medical plans especially the diagnostics.

To explain the Kshs 5 billion budget, Dan reads the first statement in the hospital page in the Diaspora University Town website that reads, “Diaspora University Medical – Hospital Plan is tailored to contribute toward the advancement of healthcare right to: Kenyans, Visitors to Kenya and any person seeking healthcare in accordance with Kenya constitution article 43. (1) Every person has the right— (a) to the highest attainable standard of health, which includes the right to health care services, including reproductive health care; (2) A person shall not be denied emergency medical treatment.”

Dan says, “The Kshs 5 billion budget represents the highest attainable standard of health.” He adds that this budget will continue to grow and improve on the healthcare standard at Diaspora University Town. He projects that the budget will surpass Kshs 20 billion as Diaspora University Medical Hospital becomes one of the best hospitals in the East Africa region.

Discussing on how the Diaspora University Medical hospital plan shall meet the Kenya Constitution 43 (2) that requires all hospitals not to deny emergency medical treatment he says, “Emergencies based on injuries that result from entertainment will be funded through Kenya Constitution 209 (3) A county may impose— (b) entertainment taxes. We shall work with the county assembly to pass a bill that will fund these emergencies.”

On emergency treatment of injuries that result from motor vehicle and other insurable accidents he says that will be funded through the insurance person’s pay.